George Santos Withdraws Independent Bid for NY-1 House Seat

Disgraced ex-congressman George Santos withdraws NY-1 bid, citing fear of splitting GOP votes and enabling Democrats. Faces 23-count federal indictment and potential 22-year sentence.

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George Santos Withdraws Independent Bid for NY-1 House Seat

George Santos Withdraws Independent Bid for NY-1 House Seat

George Santos, the disgraced former congressman, has announced that he is withdrawing his independent bid for the NY-1 House seat. Santos cited his fear of splitting Republican votes and enabling Democrats, whom he accuses of antisemitism, as the reason for his withdrawal. This decision comes despite Santos facing a 23-count federal indictment and a potential 22-year prison sentence.

Santos had previously launched a campaign to challenge Republican Rep. Nick LaLota in the GOP primary for a different congressional district. However, he later decided to leave the Republican Party and run as an independent. In his announcement, Santos stated, "I don't want to be responsible for handing the House to the Democrats. I don't want my run to be seen as a reprisal against Nick LaLota, who is a feckless RINO."

The former congressman was expelled from the House in December 2022 following a damaging ethics committee report that determined there was "overwhelming evidence" of lawbreaking and that he "cannot be trusted." Santos has pleaded not guilty to the federal charges against him, which include deceiving Congress about his wealth, stealing from his campaign, and obtaining unemployment benefits he didn't deserve.

Why this matters: Santos' withdrawal from the NY-1 race highlights the ongoing fallout from his numerous scandals and legal troubles. His decision not to split the Republican vote underscores the high stakes in the 2024 congressional elections, where control of the House hangs in the balance.

Despite his legal troubles and expulsion from Congress, Santos has not ruled out seeking office in the future. In his statement, he said, "It's only goodbye for now, I'll be back." LaLota, Santos' would-be Republican opponent, suggested that Santos is taking a plea deal, a claim that Santos denies. As the 2024 election season unfolds, the impact of Santos' scandals and withdrawal from the NY-1 race will continue to reverberate in the political landscape.

Key Takeaways

  • George Santos withdraws independent bid for NY-1 House seat.
  • Santos cites fear of splitting Republican votes, enabling Democrats.
  • Santos faces 23-count federal indictment, potential 22-year prison sentence.
  • Santos was previously expelled from House due to ethics violations.
  • Santos' withdrawal highlights ongoing fallout from scandals, legal troubles.