Ghana Police Accused of Falsely Arresting MP Collins Dauda Over Voter Registration Disturbances

Ghanaian MP Collins Dauda was arrested in connection with voter registration center disturbances, but his party claims he was not present and accuses police of bias. Three police officers were interdicted for failing to ensure security during the registration process.

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Ghana Police Accused of Falsely Arresting MP Collins Dauda Over Voter Registration Disturbances

Ghana Police Accused of Falsely Arresting MP Collins Dauda Over Voter Registration Disturbances

The Ghana Police Service has come under fire for the alleged false arrest of Member of Parliament (MP) Collins Dauda in connection with disturbances at a voter registration center in Kukuom, region, south on May 11, 2024. The National Democratic Congress (NDC) has vehemently condemned the arrest, claiming that Dauda was not present at the scene and accusing the police of acting unprofessionally.

Why this matters: The integrity of the electoral process is at stake when law enforcement is accused of bias and misconduct, potentially undermining trust in the system. Ensuring the accountability of police officers and preventing politically motivated arrests is crucial for maintaining peaceful and credible elections.

According to the NDC, the disturbances were caused by a group of approximately 40 New Patriotic Party (NPP) thugs who besieged the Asunafo South Constituency registration center in Kukuom around 10:00 am on the day in question. The thugs, wearing face masks and dressed in military apparel, allegedly attacked and chased away about 150 perceived NDC first-time voters who were waiting in line to register.

The NDC claims that the NPP thugs, led by an individual known as "Anointing," threatened the accredited NDC agent, police officers, and other observers, insisting that they would not allow the first-time voters to be registered. The attacks reportedly persisted from 10:00 am until 3:00 pm, resulting in one person sustaining injuries and being hospitalized.

In a statement, NDC National Communications Officer Sammy Gyamfi asserted, "We wish to place on record that, at no point was the Member of Parliament for Asutifi South, Hon. Collins Dauda present at the Kukuom registration centre on Saturday, 11th May 2024." Gyamfi further added, "Contrary to the claim by the Ghana Police Service, Hon. Collins Dauda was busily monitoring the ongoing registration exercise in his Constituency, Asutifi South and was nowhere near the incident at Kukuom which is located in the Asunafo South constituency."

The NDC has called the police's allegation against Dauda "palpably false" and demanded his immediate release. The party has also urged law enforcement to apprehend the actual perpetrators responsible for the disturbances. Gyamfi stated, "The NDC condemns in no uncertain terms the unprofessional haste of the Ghana Police Service to publish the so-called arrest of the Member of Parliament for Asutifi South and create the impression all over the media as though he has committed a crime. For emphasis, Hon Collins Dauda has committed no crime."

The Ghana Police Service has warned the public to exercise maximum restraint and act in accordance with the laws governing the registration process. The police have condemned violent incidents at voter registration centers in Cape Coast, Kukuom, and Adugyama, emphasizing that the registration exercise is a civic responsibility that must be carried out in a civil manner. They have vowed not to tolerate any disregard for the law.

In a related development, three police officers, Inspector Michael Addo, G/Constable Eric Boakye, and G/Constable Michael Gyan, have been interdicted with immediate effect for failing to perform their duties professionally during the ongoing Limited Voter Registration Exercise. The officers allegedly failed to ensure security at the Electoral Commission Office in Adugyama, Ashanti Region, on May 11, 2024, when some individuals attempted to disrupt the registration process. The interdicted personnel will face disciplinary action.

The arrest of MP Collins Dauda and the allegations of police misconduct have further heightened tensions surrounding the ongoing voter registration exercise in Ghana. As the nation prepares for the upcoming elections, ensuring the integrity and security of the registration process remains a top priority. The Ghana Police Service has stated that they are pursuing other suspects in connection with the Kukuom incident and have vowed to deal with any individuals who engage in acts that disrupt the registration process.

Key Takeaways

  • Ghana Police arrest MP Collins Dauda over voter registration disturbances.
  • NDC claims Dauda was not present at the scene and accuses police of bias.
  • 40 NPP thugs allegedly attacked NDC voters, causing injuries and chaos.
  • 3 police officers interdicted for failing to ensure security during registration.
  • Police vow to deal with individuals disrupting the registration process.