Ghana Police Arrest NDC MP Collins Dauda Amid Voter Registration Chaos

Ghana's police arrest MP Collins Dauda for alleged involvement in voter registration center disturbances. The opposition NDC denies the allegations, citing discrepancies in voter registration figures and accusing the ruling party of electoral offences.

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Ghana Police Arrest NDC MP Collins Dauda Amid Voter Registration Chaos

Ghana Police Arrest NDC MP Collins Dauda Amid Voter Registration Chaos

The Ghana Police Service has arrested Hon. Collins Dauda, Member of Parliament for Asutifi South constituency, for his alleged involvement in disturbances at a voter registration center in Kukuom, Asunafo South constituency, on May 11, 2024. The arrest comes amidst accusations against Ghana's opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC) of attempting to disrupt the ongoing limited voters' registration exercise.

Why this matters: The allegations of electoral offences and violence by the NDC have significant implications for the integrity of Ghana's democratic process and the credibility of its elections. If left unchecked, such incidents could undermine trust in the electoral system and have far-reaching consequences for the country's political stability.

According to the police, Collins Dauda was present at the Kukuom registration center on Saturday when a group of about 40 thugs belonging to the ruling New Patriotic Party (NPP) besieged the center. The NPP thugs, wearing face masks and dressed in military apparel, allegedly unleashed violence, attacking and chasing away perceived first-time NDC voters who were waiting to be registered.

However, the NDC has vehemently rejected the allegations against Collins Dauda. Sammy Gyamfi, the NDC's National Communications Officer, stated, "We wish to place on record that, at no point was the Member of Parliament for Asutifi South, Hon. Collins Dauda present at the Kukuom registration centre on Saturday, 11th May 2024. Contrary to the claim by the Ghana Police Service, Hon. Collins Dauda was busily monitoring the ongoing registration exercise in his Constituency, Asutifi South and was nowhere near the incident at Kukuom which is located in the Asunafo South constituency."

The NDC, led by John Mahama and Johnson Asiedu Nketia, has a history of electoral offences and violence. The party has been accused of seeking to rig the 2024 elections and has expressed doubts about the accuracy of voter registration figures provided by the Electoral Commission (EC). Dr. Edward Omane Boamah, Director of Elections and IT for the NDC, has contested the registration numbers, citing discrepancies between the EC's figures and those recorded by the NDC.

In a separate incident, the Ghana Police Service has interdicted three of its personnel over allegations of professional misconduct during the registration exercise in Adugyaman, Ahafo Ano South East District, Ashanti Region. The officers allegedly failed to execute their responsibilities effectively, leading to a disturbance on May 11.

As investigations continue into the role of Collins Dauda and efforts are made to apprehend other suspects involved in the Kukuom incident, the Police Service is taking measures to ensure the peaceful conduct of the limited voters' registration exercise. One person was injured and hospitalized during the disturbance in Kukuom. The Electoral Commission has scheduled a press conference on Monday, May 13, to address the concerns raised by the NDC and other issues related to the ongoing registration process.

Key Takeaways

  • Ghana Police arrest MP Collins Dauda for alleged involvement in voter registration center disturbance.
  • Incident occurred on May 11 in Kukuom, Asunafo South constituency, with 40 NPP thugs allegedly involved.
  • NDC denies allegations, claiming Dauda was not present at the scene.
  • Police investigate electoral offences and violence, with 3 officers interdicted over misconduct.
  • Electoral Commission to address concerns in press conference on May 13.