Ilir Meta Announces Structural Changes in Freedom Party Ahead of April Convention

Ilir Meta, leader of Albania's Freedom Party, announces major structural changes, including a shift from chairman to president, ahead of the party's April 27 convention, aiming to transform it into a more democratic and powerful political force.

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Ilir Meta Announces Structural Changes in Freedom Party Ahead of April Convention

Ilir Meta Announces Structural Changes in Freedom Party Ahead of April Convention

Ilir Meta, the leader of the Freedom Party (PL) , has announced significant structural changes within the party ahead of the upcoming April 27 convention. In a move aimed at creating a more democratic and organized party, Meta revealed that PL will no longer have a chairman, but instead will be led by a president.

Meta himself will be running for the position of president, while Erisa Xixho will be the sole candidate for the role of vice president. Tedi Blushi, a trusted member of the party, will hold the position of General Secretary. These changes come as part of Meta's vision to transform PL into a party capable of responding to what he calls a "mafia regime" and inspiring Albanians in the fight for freedom.

During his speech, Meta emphasized the need to address issues of nepotism and provincialism within the party's administration. He also accused SPAK head Altin Dumani of fabricating accusations against him, claiming that Prime Minister Rama, Veliaj, and journalists who receive money from incinerators are behind the allegations.

Meta stated that he created a new party because it blocked the path of Nano's integration, and he missed many chances for himself and Albania. He recounted how Nano, realizing his work had ended, questioned why the hatred was left for Meta. The PL leader also mentioned having the whole state and Fatos Nano against him, telling Nano that he would only become a deputy where he was, not join a party to become an MP or for his family.

Why this matters: The structural changes announced by Ilir Meta signify a major shift in the leadership and direction of the Freedom Party. As Albania traverses a complex political landscape, the transformation of PL into a more democratic and organized party could have significant implications for the country's future political dynamics and the fight against corruption.

Meta expressed confidence in his personal situation, stating that he has a house and will leave a quarter of it to his sister, who is taking care of his parents. He emphasized that the party's statute is not made for a single individual but for the next 30 years. The upcoming convention on April 27 will mark the official implementation of these structural changes, as the Freedom Party aims to become the most democratic, organized, and powerful party in Albania.

Key Takeaways

  • Ilir Meta announces structural changes in Freedom Party, no longer a chairman
  • Meta to run for president, Erisa Xixho to be vice president, Tedi Blushi as Secretary
  • Changes aim to address nepotism and provincialism, fight "mafia regime" and corruption
  • Meta created new party to block Nano's integration, missed chances for himself and Albania
  • Upcoming convention on April 27 to officially implement new democratic party structure