Imprisoned Imran Khan Fears Assassination by Pakistani Military

Former Pakistani PM Imran Khan, jailed on corruption charges, writes from prison that the military establishment is plotting to murder him. Khan alleges the military has been trying to eliminate his party's presence from Pakistan's political arena since his government was ousted.

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Imprisoned Imran Khan Fears Assassination by Pakistani Military

Imprisoned Imran Khan Fears Assassination by Pakistani Military

Former Pakistani PM Imran Khan, currently serving a jail sentence on corruption charges, has expressed grave fears for his life in a chilling article written from his prison cell. Khan, the leader of the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) party, alleges that the country's powerful military establishment, led by Army Chief Gen Asim Munir, is plotting his murder.

Why this matters: The situation highlights the fragile state of democracy in Pakistan, where the military's influence can have far-reaching consequences for the country's political stability and human rights. If Khan's fears prove true, it could lead to widespread unrest and undermine the already delicate balance of power in the region.

In the article penned for The Telegraph, Khan claims that the military has been relentlessly trying to eliminate his party's presence from Pakistan's political arena since his government was ousted in an "engineered vote of no confidence" nearly two years ago. He accuses the military of employing oppressive tactics, torture, and denying his party's election symbol to weaken their position.

Khan asserts that despite these efforts, the people of Pakistan showed their defiance by overwhelmingly voting for PTI-backed candidates in the February 8, 2024 general elections. However, he alleges that the military establishment manipulated the electoral results to bring the losing parties into power, leading to widespread criticism and rejection of the official narrative.

The former prime minister highlights the ongoing economic crisis and the resurgence of terrorism in Pakistan, attributing them to the military's actions. He also expresses grave concern over the systematic attempts to undermine the independence of the judiciary at all levels. "Today, Pakistan and its people stand in confrontation with each other," Khan writes.

In a dire warning, Khan states, "The military establishment has done all they could against me. All that is left for them is to now murder me. "He adds,"I have stated publicly that if anything happens to me or my wife, Gen Asim Munir will be responsible."

Despite the grave threats to his life, Khan remains defiant, declaring,"I am not afraid because my faith is strong. I would prefer death over slavery. His remarks come prior to the PTI preparing to release a 300-page white paper detailing the alleged election rigging and theft of the party's mandate.

The international community has taken notice of the human rights violations in Pakistan, with the recent US State Department's Country Reports on Human Rights Practices highlighting the alarming situation in the country. Khan also praises the six brave judges of the Islamabad High Court who wrote a letter to the Chief Justice of Pakistan, exposing instances of harassment and blackmail by intelligence agencies against them and their families.

As Pakistan stands at a critical juncture, with its democracy under threat and its former leader fearing for his life, the world watches with held breath. The coming days and weeks will be pivotal in determining the fate of Imran Khan and the future of Pakistan's political scenery. The international community must remain vigilant and press for the protection of human rights, the independence of the judiciary, and the preservation of democratic principles in the country.

Key Takeaways

  • Imran Khan, former Pakistani PM, fears for his life in jail, accusing the military of plotting his murder.
  • Khan alleges military oppression, torture, and election rigging to weaken his party's presence.
  • He claims people defied the military by voting for PTI-backed candidates in recent elections.
  • Khan warns of economic crisis, terrorism resurgence, and judicial independence threats due to military actions.
  • The international community is urged to protect human rights, judicial independence, and democracy in Pakistan.