Jacek Protasiewicz Removed as Deputy Governor After Controversial Tweets

Polish central bank official dismissed over controversial tweets that undermined the bank's political neutrality and public trust.

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Jacek Protasiewicz Removed as Deputy Governor After Controversial Tweets

Jacek Protasiewicz Removed as Deputy Governor After Controversial Tweets

Jacek Protasiewicz, the Deputy Governor of Poland's central bank, has been dismissed from his position following a series of controversial tweets that sparked widespread criticism. The decision to remove Protasiewicz was announced by the central bank's governor, Adam Glapiński, in a press conference held earlier today.

The tweets in question, posted by Protasiewicz on his personal Twitter account, contained inflammatory remarks and personal attacks directed at opposition politicians and journalists. In one tweet, he referred to a prominent opposition leader as a "traitor" and accused them of undermining Poland's national interests. Another tweet targeted a well-known journalist, calling them a "propagandist" and questioning their professional integrity.

Governor Glapiński stated that Protasiewicz's tweets were "unacceptable" and "incompatible with the standards expected of a high-ranking official at the central bank." He emphasized that the central bank must maintain political neutrality and refrain from engaging in partisan debates or personal attacks.

"The central bank is an institution that serves all Polish citizens, regardless of their political affiliations," Glapiński said. "We cannot tolerate behavior that undermines public trust in our impartiality and professionalism."

Why this matters: The removal of a high-ranking central bank official due to controversial social media posts highlights the increasing scrutiny on public figures' online behavior. It emphasizes the significance of upholding political neutrality and professionalism in sensitive positions, particularly within financial institutions that play an essential role in the country's economic stability.

Protasiewicz, who had served as Deputy Governor since 2016, issued a brief statement following his dismissal, expressing regret for his "ill-advised" tweets and apologizing for any offense caused. He acknowledged that his actions were inappropriate for someone in his position and pledged to "reflect deeply" on his conduct.

The central bank has not yet announced a replacement for Protasiewicz, but Governor Glapiński assured the public that the institution's operations would continue smoothly despite the leadership change. He reiterated the bank's commitment to maintaining price stability, supporting economic growth, and upholding the highest standards of integrity and professionalism.

Key Takeaways

  • Polish central bank deputy governor dismissed over controversial tweets
  • Tweets contained inflammatory remarks and personal attacks on opposition
  • Central bank governor cited breach of political neutrality and professionalism
  • Dismissal highlights scrutiny on public figures' online behavior
  • Central bank operations to continue despite leadership change