Kaduna State Assembly Probes Ex-Governor El-Rufai's Loans and Projects

Kaduna probes ex-gov El-Rufai's loans, projects amid massive debt burden; new admin vows transparency and accountability in managing public funds.

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Kaduna State Assembly Probes Ex-Governor El-Rufai's Loans and Projects

Kaduna State Assembly Probes Ex-Governor El-Rufai's Loans and Projects

The Kaduna State House of Assembly has launched an investigation into the financial transactions, loans, grants, and project execution under the immediate past governor, Nasir El-Rufai, who served from 2015 to 2023. The probe was initiated after the current governor, Uba Sani, revealed that his administration inherited a massive debt burden from the previous government.

Governor Sani disclosed that the state is contending with a debt of $587 million , ₦85 billion, and 115 contractual liabilities left behind by the El-Rufai administration. The governor lamented that the debt burden is consuming a significant portion of the state's federal allocation, with ₦7 billion out of the ₦10 billion allocation for March being deducted to service the debt, leaving only ₦3 billion, which is insufficient to cover the monthly salary bill of ₦5.2 billion.

Why this matters: The investigation into the previous administration's financial dealings and the revelation of the substantial debt burden have significant implications for Kaduna State's financial stability and the current government's ability to deliver on its promises to the people. The probe aims to uncover any potential irregularities or mismanagement of public funds, which could have long-lasting effects on the state's development and the welfare of its citizens.

In response to the situation, the Kaduna State House of Assembly has set up a 13-man ad hoc committee to investigate the loans obtained, financial transactions, and projects executed during El-Rufai's tenure. The committee has been mandated to invite relevant parties, including former commissioners, managing directors, and associates of the ex-governor, to provide an account of the foreign and domestic loans and other financial dealings under the previous government.

The Speaker of the House assured that the matter would be thoroughly investigated, and all individuals would be given the liberty to speak the truth without the intention of ridiculing anyone. The Chief Press Secretary to Governor Sani stated that the executive does not interfere in the activities of the lawmakers, as the Kaduna House of Assembly is an independent arm of the government.

With the investigation unfolding, the people of Kaduna State await the findings of the committee, hoping for transparency and accountability in the management of public funds. Governor Sani has expressed his commitment to guiding the state towards progress and sustainable development, despite the challenges posed by the inherited debt. The probe is expected to shed light on the financial transactions and projects undertaken during El-Rufai's administration, providing valuable insights for the current government to address the state's financial challenges and chart a path forward.

Key Takeaways

  • Kaduna Assembly probes loans, projects under ex-gov El-Rufai's tenure.
  • Inherited debt burden of $587M, ₦85B, and 115 contractual liabilities.
  • Debt servicing consumes 70% of state's monthly federal allocation.
  • 13-man committee to investigate loans, financial transactions, and projects.
  • Probe aims to uncover potential irregularities, ensure transparency and accountability.