Labour's Rayner Accuses Conservatives of Risking Homelessness for 16,000 UK Families

Angela Rayner accuses UK govt of risking 16,000 families' homelessness, criticizes defense cuts and arms sales to Israel, as housing crisis and political tensions dominate PMQs debate.

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Labour's Rayner Accuses Conservatives of Risking Homelessness for 16,000 UK Families

Labour's Rayner Accuses Conservatives of Risking Homelessness for 16,000 UK Families

Angela Rayner, the deputy leader of the Labour Party, has claimed that over 16,000 UK families are at risk of becoming homeless due to the Conservative government's mini-budget. Rayner criticized the Conservatives for cutting the size of the army to its smallest since the Napoleonic era and accused Deputy Prime Minister Oliver Dowden of recommending an early election to minimize Tory losses.

During a heated exchange in the House of Commons, Rayner questioned why the government continues to support arms sales to Israel despite allegations of war crimes. She also accused Dowden of supporting Rishi Sunak's bid to become Prime Minister, branding Sunak a "pint-sized loser".

Rayner further criticized the government's policies, including the ban on leasehold, which she says will not affect many people, and the lack of progress on ending no-fault evictions. She accused ministers of "obsessing over her living arrangements" instead of addressing the housing crisis.

Why this matters: The risk of homelessness for thousands of UK families highlights the ongoing housing crisis and the impact of government policies. The debate between Rayner and Dowden reflects the broader political tensions and disagreements over issues such as defense spending, trade union laws, and the Conservative government's leadership changes.

In response, Dowden asserted that Prime Minister Rishi Sunak has restored economic stability and defended the government's record. He claimed that Tory mayors have delivered more for less and that the government is addressing the issue of leasehold. Dowden also accused Rayner's employment reforms of opening the door to "French-style wildcat strikes".

The debate took place amid tributes paid to the late Frank Field, a former Labour MP known for his welfare campaigning. Jeffrey Donaldson, a Conservative MP, was also mentioned as he faces charges of rape and other sexual offences.

Rayner challenged Dowden to provide a date for the ban on no-fault evictions, which was promised in the Conservative party's 2019 manifesto. Dowden claimed that the ban would be implemented during the debate on the Renters Reform Bill. However, Housing Secretary Michael Gove has admitted that the ban may not happen before the next general election, leaving millions of tenants vulnerable.

Key Takeaways

  • Rayner claims 16,000 UK families risk homelessness due to mini-budget
  • Rayner criticizes Tories for army cuts, arms sales to Israel, and Sunak
  • Dowden defends govt's economic stability, leasehold, and employment reforms
  • Debate amid tributes to late Labour MP Frank Field, charges against Tory MP
  • Govt delays ban on no-fault evictions, leaving millions of tenants vulnerable