Liz Truss Calls Financial Times 'The Enemy' in Post-PM Interview

Former UK PM Liz Truss blames Bank of England for her disastrous 49-day tenure, denies seeking to return to power, but supports Trump's 2024 bid and Sunak's election victory in the UK.

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Liz Truss Calls Financial Times 'The Enemy' in Post-PM Interview

Liz Truss Calls Financial Times 'The Enemy' in Post-PM Interview

Former UK Prime Minister Liz Truss recently sat down for an interview with the Financial Times, explaining her reason for having lunch with the newspaper by stating, "Because you've got to know the enemy." The comment comes as Truss continues to face criticism and mockery following her disastrous 49-day tenure as prime minister in 2022.

During the interview, Truss refused to take the blame for the mortgage mayhem that hit millions of homeowners following her October 2022 mini-budget. Instead, she accused the Bank of England and its governor, Andrew Bailey, of undermining her policies during her brief premiership. Truss acknowledged that her government had lost the confidence of financial markets after the mini-budget but expressed regret for not meeting with Bailey at the time.

Truss claimed that the Bank of England and other government organizations were 'undermining' her policies, making it challenging for her to command the confidence of the markets. She insisted that she is not trying to reinstate herself as prime minister through her new book, "Ten Years To Save The West," but said that people who criticize her in the UK "don't want to face the truth."

Why this matters: Truss's comments shed light on the ongoing tensions between elected officials and financial institutions in the UK. The interview also highlights the lasting impact of her brief tenure as prime minister on the British economy and political landscape.

Labour has accused Truss of engaging in a "twisted victory lap," holding her responsible for the rising mortgage rates and home repossession claims since her time in Number 10. Despite the public humiliation she faced during her tenure, Truss remains undaunted and continues to enjoy the support of a small band of followers in the Conservative Party.

In the interview, Truss reiterated her call for Donald Trump to win the next US election but also expressed her desire for her successor, Rishi Sunak, to win the general election in the UK. When asked directly whether she would like to return to Downing Street, Truss simply said, "No."

Key Takeaways

  • Liz Truss blames Bank of England for undermining her policies as PM.
  • Truss denies responsibility for mortgage crisis, claims she's not seeking to return as PM.
  • Labour accuses Truss of "twisted victory lap" despite public humiliation.
  • Truss calls for Trump's win in next US election, wants Sunak to win UK general.
  • Truss's brief tenure as PM had lasting impact on UK economy and politics.