Mahua Moitra Embroiled in Controversy Over Viral Video

Controversy erupts over TMC leader Mahua Moitra's alleged 'sex' remark, which was later clarified as 'eggs'; Moitra also demands Rahul Gandhi's Lok Sabha membership restoration.

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Mahua Moitra Embroiled in Controversy Over Viral Video

Mahua Moitra Embroiled in Controversy Over Viral Video

Trinamool Congress (TMC) leader and former MP Mahua Moitra found herself at the center of a controversy after a video of her allegedly stating that her source of energy is 'sex' went viral on social media. The video, which was recorded during an election campaign in West Bengal's Krishnanagar, quickly spread online, leading to a range of reactions from netizens.

However, the interviewer who asked Moitra the question about her source of energy has come forward to clarify the situation. Tamal Saha, the reporter who conducted the interview, stated that Moitra had actually responded by saying 'eggs' when asked about her morning energy source. Saha accused 'bhakt mandali' of deliberately distorting the audio to make it sound like Moitra said 'sex' instead of 'eggs'.

The reporter shared a longer version of the interview to provide context and reject the viral claim. He emphasized that the audio was tampered with to create a false narrative around Moitra's statement.

Despite the clarification from the interviewer, the viral video sparked a wave of reactions online. Netizens expressed astonishment, ridicule, and made derogatory remarks about Moitra based on the distorted audio clip.

This is not the first time Moitra has faced controversy. She was recently expelled from the Lok Sabha after the ethics committee found her guilty of unethical conduct for allegedly accepting cash to ask questions on behalf of a businessman. Despite these allegations, the TMC has fielded Moitra as a candidate for the upcoming polls in the same constituency.

As the controversy surrounding Moitra's viral video continues to unfold, the TMC leader remains focused on her election campaign in Krishnanagar. The interviewer's clarification has shed light on the distortion of Moitra's statement, but the impact of the viral video on public perception remains to be seen.

Key Takeaways

  • Mahua Moitra embroiled in viral video controversy over alleged statement.
  • Interviewer clarifies Moitra said 'eggs,' not 'sex' in video.
  • Tamal Saha accuses 'bhakt mandali' of audio tampering.
  • Viral clip triggers online reactions, including ridicule and astonishment.
  • Moitra faces past controversies but continues election campaign undeterred.