Maldivian MP-Elect Mohamed Rasheed Joins Ruling PNC Party Ahead of New Parliament

Newly elected Maldivian MP joins ruling PNC party, solidifying its supermajority in parliament and ability to advance its agenda. Implications for the country's political landscape.

Nasiru Eneji Abdulrasheed
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Maldivian MP-Elect Mohamed Rasheed Joins Ruling PNC Party Ahead of New Parliament

Maldivian MP-Elect Mohamed Rasheed Joins Ruling PNC Party Ahead of New Parliament

Mohamed Rasheed, the newly elected Member of Parliament for the Nolhivaram constituency, has officially joined the ruling People's National Congress (PNC) party. Rasheed won his seat as an independent candidate in the parliamentary elections held on April 21, 2024, securing 30.65% of the vote and defeating both the previous MP Mohamed Nasheed Abdulla and the PNC's own candidate Ahmed Ashraf.

Rasheed is one of seven independent MP-elects who have become members of the PNC following their electoral victories. The other new PNC members include Dr. Anara Naeem, Hassan Zareer, Ahmed Zameer, Ahmed Riyaz, Yaaseen Abdulla, and Azim Abdul Azeez. Five of them had previously been members of the PNC but left the party to run as independents against the PNC's endorsed candidates in their respective constituencies.

With these new additions, the PNC now holds a total of 74 seats in the upcoming 20th Parliament, including affiliated candidates from other parties. This gives the PNC a supermajority in the legislature without requiring the support of any other political parties. The newly elected parliamentarians are set to be sworn in on May 28, 2024.

Why this matters: The PNC solidifying its control over the Maldivian parliament has significant implications for the country's political landscape and policy direction in the coming years. The ruling party's supermajority puts it in a strong position to advance its agenda with minimal opposition.

Speaking about his decision to join the PNC, Rasheed stated, "I believe aligning with the ruling party will allow me to most effectively serve the people of Nolhivaram and contribute to the progress of our nation." The PNC leadership has welcomed the new members, expressing confidence that their addition will further strengthen the party's ability to deliver on its promises to the Maldivian people.

Key Takeaways

  • Newly elected MP Mohamed Rasheed joins ruling PNC party, one of 7 independents to do so.
  • PNC now holds 74 seats, giving it a supermajority in the 20th Parliament.
  • Rasheed believes joining PNC will allow him to better serve his constituents.
  • PNC leadership welcomes new members, confident they will strengthen the party's agenda.
  • PNC's supermajority in Parliament has significant implications for Maldives' political landscape.