Pierre Poilievre Ejected from House of Commons After Calling Trudeau 'Wacko'

Heated clash in Canadian parliament as Conservative leader Poilievre ejected for calling PM Trudeau a "wacko" amid rising political tensions ahead of looming federal election.

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Pierre Poilievre Ejected from House of Commons After Calling Trudeau 'Wacko'

Pierre Poilievre Ejected from House of Commons After Calling Trudeau 'Wacko'

In a tense parliamentary clash on Tuesday, Conservative Party leader Pierre Poilievre was ejected from the House of Commons after referring to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau as a "wacko" amid a heated debate over British Columbia's drug decriminalization policy. The incident occurred when Speaker Greg Fergus repeatedly asked Poilievre to withdraw the unparliamentary language, but he refused, leading to his removal from the chamber for the remainder of the day's sitting.

The exchange began with Trudeau accusing Poilievre of fraternizing with far-right elements, which prompted Poilievre's "wacko" remark. "The guy who spent the first half of his adult life as a practising racist is now accusing me of fraternizing with racists," Poilievre said, referring to Trudeau. "The mentally unstable person across the aisle is the one who is hanging out with racist mentally unstable people."

Following Poilievre's ejection, the Conservative caucus left the House en masse in protest. Conservative MP Rachael Thomas was also kicked out for "disregarding the authority of the chair" after criticizing the Speaker's actions. The incident sparked a wider debate, with Conservative MPs calling for Fergus's resignation and accusing him of acting in a partisan manner, while Liberal MPs defended the Speaker's decision.

Why this matters: The clash between Poilievre and Trudeau highlights the ongoing tensions and partisan dynamics in the Canadian parliament, particularly as the parties gear up for a looming federal election. The incident also raises questions about parliamentary decorum and the use of unparliamentary language in political discourse.

Foreign Affairs Minister Mélanie Joly later criticized Poilievre, calling him "a child." The Liberals accused Poilievre of bringing "extreme right-wing language and tactics" into the House, likening his conduct to that of former U.S. President Donald Trump. Poilievre defended his remarks in a subsequent media interview, saying he stands by his characterization of Trudeau's drug policies as "wacko." The Conservatives launched a fundraiser off the incident shortly after Poilievre's ouster.

The next Canadian federal election must be held by late October 2025, and opinion polls indicate that the Conservatives have a strong lead over Trudeau's Liberals, who have held power since November 2015. Trudeau and Poilievre have had a strained relationship, with Trudeau labeling Poilievre an "extremist" and a proponent of Trump's "Make America Great Again" movement. The incident

Key Takeaways

  • Conservative leader Poilievre ejected from House for calling PM Trudeau a "wacko"
  • Conservatives left House in protest, accused Speaker of partisan behavior
  • Clash highlights tensions between parties ahead of looming federal election
  • Liberals accused Poilievre of bringing "extreme right-wing language and tactics"
  • Conservatives lead Liberals in polls as parties gear up for 2025 election