PM Modi Highlights BJP's Development Agenda in Tripura Rally Ahead of Lok Sabha Polls

PM Modi rallies BJP support in Tripura, highlighting development agenda and criticizing Congress-Left alliance for neglecting Northeast. Lok Sabha elections loom as key test for BJP's popularity in the region.

Rafia Tasleem
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PM Modi Highlights BJP's Development Agenda in Tripura Rally Ahead of Lok Sabha Polls

PM Modi Highlights BJP's Development Agenda in Tripura Rally Ahead of Lok Sabha Polls

Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed a public rally in Agartala, Tripura on Sunday, emphasizing the BJP government's development agenda and criticizing the Congress and Communist parties for their neglect of the Northeast region. With the Lok Sabha elections scheduled to begin on April 19, Modi's visit aimed to rally support for BJP candidates in the state.

During his speech, Modi highlighted the transformations in Tripura under the BJP government since it came to power in 2018. He noted significant improvements in connectivity, infrastructure, and the implementation of welfare schemes such as providing tap water to over 5 lakh homes, delivering PM Kisan Samman Nidhi to 1.5 lakh farmers, and providing gas connections to over 3 lakh women.

The Prime Minister also praised the BJP's efforts to curb corruption and implement the HIRA (Highway, I-way, Railway, and Airway) model for Tripura's development. He announced plans to further enhance this model through the HIRA+ initiative, a joint effort between the central and state governments.

Why this matters:The Lok Sabha elections are a pivotal test for the BJP's popularity and its development agenda in the Northeast region. Tripura, which was previously governed by the Left Front for over two decades, has been a key focus for the BJP since it formed the government in 2018. The party's performance in the state could have implications for its overall electoral prospects.

Modi criticized the opportunistic alliance between the Congress and Communist parties in Tripura, accusing them of engaging in "vote bank politics" and obstructing development in the region. He urged the public to support the BJP to ensure the continued progress and growth of Tripura and the Northeast.

The Prime Minister also emphasized the BJP's commitment to the Northeast's development, citing over 50 visits to the region during his tenure. He promised substantial benefits for Tripura, including the construction of 3 crore new houses nationwide, the provision of free gas connections, and the establishment of Eklavya Model Schools for tribal children.

Tripura Chief Minister Manik Saha expressed confidence in the BJP's victory in both Lok Sabha seats, stating, "The people of Tripura have full faith in PM Modi and the BJP. We are confident of winning both seats with a huge margin." The BJP has fielded candidates Biplab Kumar Deb and Kriti Singh Debbarma in the state's two parliamentary constituencies.

With the first phase of the Lok Sabha elections approaching, Modi's rally in Tripura aimed to consolidate the BJP's support base and counter the opposition's criticism. The Prime Minister's emphasis on development and welfare initiatives, coupled with his criticism of the Congress and Left parties, set the tone for the BJP's campaign in the Northeast region.

Key Takeaways

  • PM Modi addressed a rally in Tripura, highlighting BJP's development agenda.
  • Modi criticized Congress and Left parties for neglecting Northeast, praised BJP's work.
  • BJP confident of winning both Lok Sabha seats in Tripura, says CM Manik Saha.
  • Modi announced plans to further enhance HIRA model for Tripura's development.
  • Lok Sabha elections in Tripura a test for BJP's popularity and development agenda.