PM Sudhakaran Joins BJP After Resigning from Congress Party

In a surprise political move, former Wayanad Congress leader Sudhakaran joins BJP, potentially impacting the high-stakes Lok Sabha battle in the Congress stronghold.

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PM Sudhakaran Joins BJP After Resigning from Congress Party

PM Sudhakaran Joins BJP After Resigning from Congress Party

In a significant political development, PM Sudhakaran, the former Wayanad District Congress Committee (DCC) general secretary, has joined the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) on April 21, 2024, after resigning from the Congress party. Sudhakaran's decision to switch his allegiance comes just a week before the ongoing Lok Sabha election in Kerala.

During a function where other individuals also joined the BJP, Sudhakaran criticized Rahul Gandhi, the current Wayanad MP and Congress candidate, for not being accessible to the common man. He expressed his admiration for Prime Minister Narendra Modi's development vision and pledged his support for the victory of Kerala's BJP chief, K Surendran, from the Wayanad Lok Sabha seat.

Why this matters: Sudhakaran's move signals a noteworthy political shift and could potentially impact the electoral dynamics in Wayanad, a constituency considered a Congress stronghold. The BJP's efforts to challenge the Congress in this seat, with Surendran as their candidate, have gained momentum with Sudhakaran's support.

The Wayanad seat is witnessing a contest between Rahul Gandhi, CPI's Annie Raja, and BJP's state president K Surendran in the ongoing Lok Sabha elections. Prime Minister Narendra Modi, during a rally in Maharashtra's Nanded, took a swipe at Rahul Gandhi, saying, "The Congress is waiting for the voting in Wayanad to declare another 'safe seat' for their 'sahibzada'."

Union Finance Minister and BJP leader Nirmala Sitharaman also commented on the differences that have cropped up in the opposition bloc, stating that the INDIA alliance is no longer united as candidates from its allies are standing against Gandhi in the Wayanad seat.

Meanwhile, Congress leader Rahul Gandhi, who was scheduled to campaign in Satna and Ranchi for the INDIA Bloc's 'Ulgulan Rally', has fallen ill and is unable to leave New Delhi. The rally in Ranchi is being held amidst the ongoing Lok Sabha elections and is focused on the arrests of former Jharkhand Chief Minister Hemant Soren and Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal, who are both key faces of the INDIA Bloc.

The Kerala Lok Sabha elections are scheduled for April 26, 2024. Sudhakaran's departure from the Congress and his support for the BJP candidate has added a new dimension to the electoral battle in Wayanad. As the campaign enters its final stages, the impact of Sudhakaran's move on the voter sentiment and the overall outcome remains to be seen.

Key Takeaways

  • Former Wayanad Congress leader PM Sudhakaran joins BJP ahead of Kerala Lok Sabha polls.
  • Sudhakaran criticizes Rahul Gandhi, pledges support for BJP's K Surendran in Wayanad seat.
  • Sudhakaran's move could impact electoral dynamics in Wayanad, a Congress stronghold.
  • PM Modi takes swipe at Rahul Gandhi, says Congress waiting to declare Wayanad a 'safe seat'.
  • Rahul Gandhi falls ill, unable to campaign for INDIA Bloc's 'Ulgulan Rally' in Ranchi.