Prime Minister Briceno Defends Minister Perez Amid Rape Allegations

Prime Minister defends minister accused of rape, citing lack of evidence, while critics demand thorough investigation despite no formal report.

Rizwan Shah
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Prime Minister Briceno Defends Minister Perez Amid Rape Allegations

Prime Minister Briceno Defends Minister Perez Amid Rape Allegations

Prime Minister John Briceno has come to the defense of Minister of the Blue Economy Andre Perez, who was recently accused of rape and sexual harassment. Briceno stated that no evidence was presented against Perez during an investigation by the Attorney General's office, and no laws were broken.

The Prime Minister acknowledged that while Perez's judgment could be questioned, the investigation found no illegal actions. "Minister Perez and the mayor of San Pedro, Wally Nunez, won the municipal election by the largest margin in the town's history, suggesting that the minister's work in his constituency was well-received," Briceno said.

Perez was reinstated to his ministry position, though he lost his Civil Aviation portfolio to the Prime Minister. His accuser, who alleged that he raped and sexually harassed her, has not filed a police report and has since left the country in self-exile.

Briceno repeatedly emphasized that no formal investigation was launched, as no one had presented evidence to the authorities. "No evidence was presented to the Attorney General," he said. "While the minister's judgment could be questioned, no illegal actions were found."

The Prime Minister's defense of Perez comes amid ongoing public scrutiny and calls for accountability surrounding the allegations. Critics argue that a more thorough investigation should be conducted, even in the absence of a formal police report.

In the situation, it remains to be seen how the government will address concerns about the handling of the case and ensure a fair and impartial process for all parties involved. The Prime Minister's stance has drawn both support and criticism from various segments of the public and political sphere.

Key Takeaways

  • PM Briceno defends Minister Perez against rape, harassment allegations.
  • AG's office found no evidence of illegal actions by Perez.
  • Perez reinstated to ministry, lost Civil Aviation portfolio to PM.
  • Accuser did not file police report, has left the country.
  • Calls for thorough investigation despite lack of formal complaint.