Prime Minister Defends Minister Perez Amid Investigation, Asserts No Laws Violated

Prime Minister defends Finance Minister amid corruption probe, but opposition calls her support premature as investigation continues.

Mazhar Abbas
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Prime Minister Defends Minister Perez Amid Investigation, Asserts No Laws Violated

Prime Minister Defends Minister Perez Amid Investigation, Asserts No Laws Violated

Prime Minister Isabella Morales has come to the defense of Minister of Finance Javier Perez, who is currently under investigation for alleged financial improprieties. In a press conference on Monday, Morales stated that based on the information she has reviewed, Perez did not break any laws in the matters being investigated.

"I have full confidence in Minister Perez and his integrity," Morales said. "The investigation so far has not uncovered any evidence that he violated the law or abused his position. Minister Perez has my unwavering support as the inquiry continues."

The investigation into Perez was launched last month by the opposition party, which accused him of steering government contracts to businesses owned by his associates. They allege Perez personally benefited from these deals through kickbacks, though no proof of this has been made public.

Perez has vehemently denied the accusations, calling them "baseless political attacks" intended to undermine the government. "I have always conducted myself with the highest ethical standards," Perez said in a statement. "I am fully cooperating with investigators and am confident the truth will prevail."

Opposition leaders criticized the Prime Minister's defense of Perez as premature, arguing that the investigation is still in its early stages. "For the Prime Minister to assert Minister Perez's innocence before the inquiry is complete is irresponsible," said opposition leader Mateo Guzman. "She should let the process play out without interference."

Why this matters: The investigation into Minister Perez and the Prime Minister's response have significant implications for the stability of the Morales government. If evidence of wrongdoing by Perez emerges, it could force Morales to dismiss a key member of her cabinet and damage her political standing.

The Prime Minister's office said Morales is being kept apprised of the investigation but is not involved in the day-to-day proceedings. Government officials said the inquiry is expected to last several more weeks before any conclusions are reached. In the meantime, Perez continues to carry out his duties as Minister of Finance.

Key Takeaways

  • PM Morales defends Finance Minister Perez amid financial probe.
  • Perez denies allegations of steering contracts to associates.
  • Opposition criticizes PM's defense as premature before inquiry ends.
  • Probe could force Morales to dismiss Perez, damaging her govt.
  • Inquiry ongoing, Perez continues duties as Finance Minister.