Pro-Khalistan Slogans Found at Delhi Metro Stations, Police Investigate

Pro-Khalistan graffiti and slogans targeting PM Modi were found on Delhi Metro stations; Delhi Police removed the graffiti and lodged an FIR. The incident is being investigated, with CCTV footage being sought to identify the perpetrators.

Nitish Verma
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Pro-Khalistan Slogans Found at Delhi Metro Stations, Police Investigate

Pro-Khalistan Slogans Found at Delhi Metro Stations, Police Investigate

On Sunday, pro-Khalistan graffiti and slogans targeting Prime Minister Narendra Modi were discovered on the pillars of Karol Bagh and Jhandewalan Metro stations in New Delhi. The Delhi Police promptly removed the graffiti and lodged a First Information Report (FIR) regarding the incident.

Why this matters: This incident highlights the ongoing threat posed by separatist groups to India's unity and integrity, and underscores the need for vigilance and swift action to prevent such incidents from escalating into larger security concerns. The appearance ofpro-Khalistan slogans in the capital city also raises questions about the effectiveness of existing security measures and the need for enhanced coordination between law enforcement agencies.

The slogans, written in black paint, were reportedly authored by supporters of Sikhs For Justice (SFJ), a banned Sikh separatist group based in the United States. The police are investigating the matter and have sought CCTV footage from the metro stations to identify the perpetrators.

Bajrangi, a security guard at a building close to the Karol Bagh Metro station, recounted the scene: "I came to duty at 8 am and saw that something was written in black colour on the pillars of the metro station. A huge crowd had gathered there and was reading the slogans." He suggested that the slogans may have been written at night when no one was present to witness the act.

This incident is not an isolated one; in January, similar slogans and graffiti were found on the boundary wall of a government school in Uttam Nagar and on a pillar in Nihar Vihar. The occurrence comes ahead of the 75th Republic Day, which was threatened by Khalistani terrorist Gurpatwant Singh Pannun, who warned about hoisting the Khalistani flag in Delhi on January 26. Pannun had previously released a video threatening to attack Parliament on or before December 13, the anniversary of the 2001 Parliament attacks.

The Central government has banned SFJ as an "unlawful association" in 2019, citing its involvement in "anti-national and subversive" activities. The group has been pushing for "Referendum 2020" for the self-determination of Sikhs as part of its separatist agenda. Pannun has been on the National Investigation Agency's (NIA) radar since 2019, accused of promoting and commissioning terror acts and activities.

The appearance of pro-Khalistan graffiti and slogans at two Delhi Metro stations has once again brought the separatist movement into the spotlight. As the police continue their investigation, the incident serves as a reminder of the ongoing challenges posed by extremist groups seeking to undermine India's unity and integrity. The swift action taken by the Delhi Police in removing the graffiti and registering an FIR demonstrates the authorities' commitment to maintaining law and order in the face of such provocations.

Key Takeaways

  • Pro-Khalistan graffiti and slogans targeting PM Modi found on Delhi Metro pillars.
  • Slogans written in black paint, attributed to banned Sikh separatist group SFJ.
  • Delhi Police remove graffiti, lodge FIR, and investigate with CCTV footage.
  • Incident highlights ongoing threat to India's unity and integrity.
  • Swift police action demonstrates commitment to maintaining law and order.