Rajasthan CM Slams Congress, Hails BJP and Modi at Maharashtra Rally

Rajasthan Chief Minister Bhajanlal Sharma campaigned for the BJP in Maharashtra, accusing the Congress of making unfulfillable promises in their manifesto. Sharma praised PM Modi's development efforts and criticized the Congress for prioritizing one family's interests over the nation's.

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Rajasthan CM Slams Congress, Hails BJP and Modi at Maharashtra Rally

Rajasthan CM Slams Congress, Hails BJP and Modi at Maharashtra Rally

Rajasthan Chief Minister Bhajanlal Sharma took aim at the Congress party while stumping for the BJP in Maharashtra on Sunday, contrasting their track records ahead of the ongoing Lok Sabha elections. Campaigning in South Mumbai, Sharma accused the Congress of making, tall, promises in their manifesto that they have no intention of fulfilling.

Why this matters: The outcome of the Lok Sabha elections will have a significant impact on India's political landscape and the country's future development trajectory. The war of words between the BJP and Congress will influence voter sentiment and potentially shape the nation's policy agenda for the next five years.

"Whenever elections approach, the manifesto of Congress is very appealing because they don't want to implement them," Sharma said at a 'Pravasi Rajasthani Sammelan' event in support of BJP candidate Yamini Jadhav. In contrast, he asserted that the BJP, under Prime Minister Narendra Modi's leadership, has delivered on all its pledges made in 2014, 2019, and 2024.

Sharma praised Modi's efforts in spurring development, strengthening border security, and elevating India's stature on the global stage. "The people have trust in PM Modi. He has worked to boost development and border security and enhanced India's global image," the Rajasthan CM stated.

The BJP leader further criticized the Congress, accusing them of deceiving the public and being solely concerned about the interests of one family rather than the nation. "The Congress had cheated the public... 'Congress ke dimag ka diwaliapan ho gaya hai.' They don't know what they are saying... They can make agreements with anyone, they are only worried about one family, they are not concerned about the country," Sharma alleged.

Maharashtra, with 48 Lok Sabha seats, is the second-largest contributor to the Lower House after Uttar Pradesh. In the 2019 general election, the BJP won 23 out of the 25 seats it contested in the state. The ongoing polls for Maharashtra's Lok Sabha constituencies are being conducted in five phases, with three phases already completed.

During his campaign, Sharma also expressed confidence in the BJP increasing its seat tally in states like Jharkhand, Telangana, and Andhra Pradesh. He further alleged that the Congress promoted naxalism and terrorism in the country. As the high-stakes Lok Sabha elections progress, the war of words between the BJP and Congress continues to escalate, with both sides trading barbs and touting their achievements in a bid to woo voters.

Key Takeaways

  • Rajasthan CM Bhajanlal Sharma campaigns for BJP in Maharashtra, criticizes Congress.
  • Sharma accuses Congress of making tall promises in manifesto with no intention to fulfill.
  • He praises PM Modi's efforts in development, border security, and global image.
  • Sharma alleges Congress is concerned about one family's interests, not the nation's.
  • BJP confident of increasing seat tally in Jharkhand, Telangana, and Andhra Pradesh.