ANC President Ramaphosa Pledges 2.5 Million Jobs Amidst Economic Challenges

ANC promises 2.5M jobs in 5 years, focusing on green and digital investments, despite challenges from emerging parties like MK. Ramaphosa confident of ANC victory, rejecting coalition.

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Ramaphosa Affirms ANC's Goal of Creating 2.5 Million Jobs Amid High Unemployment

Ramaphosa Affirms ANC's Goal of Creating 2.5 Million Jobs Amid High Unemployment

ANC President Cyril Ramaphosa, campaigning in Durban, KwaZulu-Natal, in April 2024, reaffirmed the party's commitment to creating 2.5 million jobs over the next five years. The focus is on attracting R2 trillion in investments in emerging industries such as the green and digital economy, as South Africa grapples with a 32.1% unemployment rate in the fourth quarter of 2023.

Ramaphosa emphasized that jobs will come from investment, and the party will initiate a significant investment drive to fulfill their election promise of creating at least 500,000 jobs every year, primarily for young people. He expressed confidence that the ANC will win a clear majority in the upcoming May 29 elections, despite challenges from emerging political parties like the MK party led by former president Jacob Zuma.

Why this matters: South Africa's persistently high unemployment rate has been a major concern for the country's economic and social stability. The ANC's commitment to job creation through investments in new industries could potentially alleviate the unemployment crisis and drive economic growth.

Recent polls suggest the ANC's vote share could drop to 37%, potentially losing its outright majority for the first time in 30 years. The Electoral Commission of South Africa (IEC) has also faced legal challenges related to Zuma's parliamentary candidacy. However, Ramaphosa emphasized the ANC's strong presence and support in KwaZulu-Natal, the party's stronghold, expressing no doubt about the party's victory in the province and nationally.

ANC's Stance: Ramaphosa stated, "The ANC is not interested in a coalition government, and instead aims to establish a strong government that will work for the people." He further added that the party remains a home for all progressive forces and activists, respecting the views of people from different religious or traditional backgrounds.

Key Takeaways

  • ANC pledges 2.5M jobs in 5 yrs via R2T investments in green, digital economy
  • ANC confident of clear majority win in May 2024 elections despite challenges
  • Unemployment rate at 32.1% in Q4 2023, a major concern for economic stability
  • ANC not interested in coalition, aims to establish strong govt for the people
    • ANC remains home for all progressive forces, respects diverse backgrounds