Ranveer Singh Warns Fans of Deepfake Video Using AI-Generated Voice Clone

Bollywood star Ranveer Singh falls victim to deepfake video, urges fans to beware of this growing threat to spread misinformation, especially during elections.

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Ranveer Singh Warns Fans of Deepfake Video Using AI-Generated Voice Clone

Ranveer Singh Warns Fans of Deepfake Video Using AI-Generated Voice Clone

Bollywood actor Ranveer Singh has become the latest victim of the deepfake menace, as an AI-generated voice clone of the actor surfaced online despite genuine video footage from his recent visit to Varanasi. The fake video showed Ranveer criticizing the BJP government and Prime Minister Modi, even though the actor had spoken positively about the city's cultural richness and infrastructure during his actual visit.

The footage used to create the deepfake video was from Ranveer's visit to Varanasi for a fashion show on the Namo Ghats, where he walked the ramp with actress Kriti Sanon for designer Manish Malhotra. However, the audio in the video was manipulated using AI technology to make it appear as if Ranveer was making negative political comments. "Deepfake se bacho dostonnnn," Ranveer tweeted, warning his fans about the dangers of deepfake technology.

Why this matters: The misuse of deepfake technology has become a growing concern, especially with its potential to spread misinformation and fake news during important events like elections. As public figures increasingly fall victim to deepfakes, it highlights the need for greater awareness and measures to combat this threat.

This incident comes shortly after actor Aamir Khan faced a similar situation, with a deepfake video of him promoting a political party going viral. Aamir had to officially refute the video as fake. Ranveer Singh has several upcoming projects, including reprising his role as Simmba in 'Singham Again' with Ajay Devgn and Deepika Padukone, and starring in 'Don 3' with Kiara Advani, set to release in 2025.

Fact-checkers have confirmed that the viral video of Ranveer Singh is indeed fake, with his voice being synthetically cloned. In the original video from his Varanasi visit, Ranveer had actually praised the changes in the city's infrastructure and shared his divine experience. The actor has urged the public to be cautious of the deepfake menace, which has become a tool for spreading false information, particularly during the ongoing Lok Sabha elections in 2024.

Key Takeaways

  • Ranveer Singh victim of AI-generated deepfake video criticizing BJP govt
  • Deepfake used to manipulate audio of Ranveer's positive Varanasi visit
  • Ranveer warns fans about deepfake dangers, echoing Aamir Khan's case
  • Fact-checkers confirm viral video is fake, Ranveer praised Varanasi
  • Deepfake threat grows, especially during elections, need for awareness