Rep. Nancy Mace's Ex-Staffers Refute Hacking and Spying Claims

Rep. Nancy Mace accused former staffers of hacking her devices and mismanaging office funds, but they deny the allegations, citing standard calendar tracking practices. The controversy has led to scrutiny of Mace's leadership and high staff turnover in her office.

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Rep. Nancy Mace's Ex-Staffers Refute Hacking and Spying Claims

Rep. Nancy Mace's Ex-Staffers Refute Hacking and Spying Claims

Former staffers of Rep. Nancy Mace (R-SC) are pushing back against her allegations that they hacked her devices, spied on her medical records, and mismanaged office funds. The ex-employees claim that Mace has misconstrued standard calendar tracking practices common in congressional offices.

Why this matters: The allegations of hacking and spying raise concerns about the security and integrity of congressional offices, and the handling of sensitive information. If true, these claims could have far-reaching implications for the trust and accountability of elected officials.

Mace accused her former aides of accessing her phone, tracking her for nine months, viewing her children's calendars and medical information, and misappropriating nearly $1 million from her office budget. However, former staffers told The Daily Beast that the congresswoman's accusations are unfounded and part of a pattern of deflecting responsibility.

One former employee stated, "The hacking and stalking charges are ridiculous on their face to most anyone who has worked in a congressional office, but especially wild coming from Mace." Another ex-staffer added, "I'm not at all surprised she's blaming others for her troubles. She has always found it impossible to take responsibility for her own mistakes or accept the consequences of her toxic behavior."

Insiders claimed that Mace herself set up the calendars in question and would often revoke staff access, preventing them from performing their job duties. They also disputed her assertions about financial mismanagement, highlighting Mace's reluctance to invest in adequate salaries and bonuses for her team.

The allegations coincide with a high turnover rate in Mace's office, with nine staffers departing her Washington, D.C. office in just nine months between November 2023 and January 2024. Former aides described Mace's behavior as toxic and narcissistic, with one stating, "If she could replace her entire staff with AI and solely send out mailers with her face on them, she would."

Internal documents obtained by The Daily Beast reportedly underscored Mace's preoccupation with self-promotion. Critics on social media have echoed the sentiments of her former staffers, questioning her managerial skills and fitness for office.

As the controversy unfolds, Mace faces mounting scrutiny over her leadership and the high-profile departures from her office. One former staffer expressed concern for the congresswoman, saying, "She's clearly unwell and I hope she gets help." The allegations have provided fodder for Mace's Democratic opponent, who is using the staff drama to criticize her ahead of the upcoming election.

Key Takeaways

  • Rep. Nancy Mace accused former staffers of hacking, spying, and mismanaging funds.
  • Ex-staffers deny allegations, citing standard calendar tracking practices.
  • Mace's office has a high turnover rate, with 9 staffers leaving in 9 months.
  • Former aides describe Mace's behavior as toxic, narcissistic, and self-promotional.
  • The controversy raises concerns about Mace's leadership and fitness for office.