Robert F. Kennedy Jr.'s Former Colleagues Urge Him to End Presidential Bid

Robert F. Kennedy Jr.'s former colleagues urge him to end his presidential campaign, citing his anti-science beliefs and the risk of his candidacy benefiting Trump, the "worst environmental president."

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Robert F. Kennedy Jr.'s Former Colleagues Urge Him to End Presidential Bid

Robert F. Kennedy Jr.'s Former Colleagues Urge Him to End Presidential Bid

Dozens of Robert F. Kennedy Jr.'s former colleagues at the Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) and other environmental groups are calling on him to end his presidential campaign. In an open letter, they cite Kennedy's anti-science beliefs and the potential for his candidacy to benefit former President Donald Trump, whom they describe as the "single worst environmental president our country has ever had."

The NRDC Action Fund, the political arm of the NRDC where Kennedy served as a senior attorney for nearly three decades, plans to run full-page newspaper ads in six battleground states on Sunday, urging Kennedy to "Honor our planet, drop out." The ads argue that Kennedy is playing a "dangerous spoiler role" and that President Joe Biden is the real environmental candidate in the race.

In addition to the NRDC Action Fund, a dozen national environmental organizations released an open letter rejecting Kennedy's claims of being an environmental candidate. The letter warns the public about Kennedy's "toxic beliefs," labeling him a "dangerous conspiracy theorist and a science denier" who promotes anti-vaccination conspiracy theories and denies the science behind climate change.

Why this matters: Kennedy's independent campaign is polling in the double digits, raising concerns that he could siphon votes away from Biden and help Trump win re-election. The environmental groups argue that a second Trump term would be "catastrophic" for the environment given Trump's denial of climate change and promises to unravel environmental laws and policies.

Kennedy's family members, including his sister Kerry Kennedy, have publicly endorsed Biden's campaign, stating that he has been a champion for the rights and freedoms their family has stood for. "By rejecting science, what he offers is no different than Donald Trump," the environmental groups wrote in their open letter. "Any support for him will inevitably result in a second Trump term and the complete erosion of vital environmental and social gains made to date."

Key Takeaways

  • Dozens of RFK Jr.'s ex-colleagues urge him to end presidential bid
  • NRDC Action Fund to run ads in 6 states, calling RFK Jr. a "dangerous spoiler"
  • Green groups label RFK Jr. a "conspiracy theorist" and "science denier"
  • RFK Jr.'s campaign raises concerns about siphoning votes from Biden, aiding Trump
  • RFK Jr.'s family members, including sister Kerry, have endorsed Biden's campaign