Sadiq Khan Wins Third Term as London Mayor Amid Tense Handshake Moment

Sadiq Khan wins London mayoral election with 1,088,225 votes, securing a third term despite facing public anger over issues like knife crime and ULEZ. Labour Party's victory is seen as a significant defeat for the Conservative Party ahead of the UK's national election.

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Sadiq Khan Wins Third Term as London Mayor Amid Tense Handshake Moment

Sadiq Khan Wins Third Term as London Mayor Amid Tense Handshake Moment

Sadiq Khan, the Labour Party candidate, has secured a third term as Mayor of London after winning the 2024 mayoral election with a commanding 1,088,225 votes. Khan's victory came despite facing public anger over issues such as knife crime and the Ultra Low Emission Zone (ULEZ) in the city.

Why this matters: The outcome of the London mayoral election has significant implications for the UK's political landscape, as it may foreshadow the results of theupcoming national election. A Labour Party victory could potentially end 14 years of Conservative government in Britain and propel Keir Starmer to power.

The Conservative Party candidate, Susan Hall, received 33% of the vote compared to Khan's 43.8%. In a notable moment during the announcement of the results on May 4, Khan initially ignored Hall's congratulatory handshake before eventually shaking her hand after she tapped him on the arm to get his attention.

Following his victory, Khan addressed the challenges he faced during the campaign, stating, "It's been a difficult few months, we faced a campaign of non-stop negativity... For the last eight years, London has been swimming against the tide of a Tory (Conservative) government and now with a Labour Party that's ready to govern again under Keir Starmer, it's time for Rishi Sunak to give the public a choice."

Labour Party leaderKeir Starmer also commented on the election results, saying,"People across the country have had enough of Conservative chaos and decline and voted for change with Labour. "The London mayoral election was part of the broader local elections held across England, which served as a crucial test for political parties ahead of the upcoming UK general election.

The election results are widely seen as a crushing defeat for Prime Minister Rishi Sunak's Conservative Party. Opinion polls predict that Labour will win the next national election, potentially ending 14 years of Conservative government in Britain and propelling Keir Starmer to power.

In another significant development, Labour also won a surprise, narrow victory in the central West Midlands region, with Richard Parker defeating Conservative Andy Street by a margin of 1,508 votes. Street had run a campaign emphasizing his personal record on investment but ultimately fell short.

Susan Hall, the Conservative candidate for London mayor, made scrapping ULEZ a centerpiece of her campaign but faced accusations of racism and made a series of gaffes during the race. Despite these challenges, Khan emerged victorious, securing another term to lead the UK's capital city.