Spanish PM Sanchez to Announce Decision on Future Amid Corruption Probe

Spanish PM Sanchez faces corruption probe into wife's business, may resign or call snap election, with implications for Spain's political landscape and EU leadership.

Nitish Verma
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Spanish PM Sanchez to Announce Decision on Future Amid Corruption Probe

Spanish PM Sanchez to Announce Decision on Future Amid Corruption Probe

Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez is set to announce a decision on his political future on Monday, April 29, 2024, amid a corruption investigation into his wife's private business dealings. Thousands of supporters from Sanchez's Socialist Party rallied in Madrid over the weekend, urging him to remain in power.

The Madrid prosecuting authority initiated a preliminary probe into Sanchez's wife, Begona Gomez, following a private complaint alleging influence peddling and business corruption. Sanchez has denied the allegations against his wife, calling them part of a sustained "campaign of harassment" by his political opponents. "It's the worst attack in an orchestrated campaign to discredit me by targeting my family," Sanchez said in a personal letter expressing frustration with the situation.

In response to the investigation, Sanchez announced he would step back "for a few days" to reflect on whether to continue leading the government. The opposition has seized on the opportunity to criticize Sanchez, with the leader of the conservative People's Party claiming the prime minister's reputation is already in "tatters" due to the "decadence" he has brought to the country.

Why this matters: The corruption probe and Sanchez's impending decision could have significant implications for Spain's political landscape. If Sanchez resigns, it could trigger an early election and a prolonged period of uncertainty, as he has no clear successor. The outcome may also impact Spain's role in upcoming European Council meetings to choose new EU leaders.

Sanchez, who first came to power in 2018 and secured another term for the Socialists last year as leader of a minority coalition government, has several options. He could resign, continue as prime minister, submit to a parliamentary vote of confidence, or call a snap election. The Madrid prosecutor's office has recommended dismissing the case against Gomez, and Sanchez's allies, both in Spain and internationally, have rallied to support him during this crisis.

Key Takeaways

  • Spanish PM Sanchez to announce decision on political future on April 29, 2024.
  • Corruption probe into Sanchez's wife's business dealings prompts his temporary step back.
  • Thousands of Sanchez's supporters rally in Madrid, urging him to remain in power.
  • Sanchez's resignation could trigger early election and uncertainty in Spain's politics.
  • Prosecutor recommends dismissing case against Sanchez's wife, allies rally to support him.