TDP Candidate Performs Life-Saving Surgery During Election Campaign

Dr. Gottipati Lakshmi, TDP candidate, suspends election campaign to perform life-saving C-section, highlighting her dedication to medicine and community service.

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TDP Candidate Performs Life-Saving Surgery During Election Campaign

TDP Candidate Performs Life-Saving Surgery During Election Campaign

In a remarkable display of dedication to her profession, Dr. Gottipati Lakshmi, the Telugu Desam Party (TDP) candidate from the Darsi Assembly constituency in Andhra Pradesh, left her election campaign midway to perform a life-saving Caesarean section on a pregnant woman in critical condition at a nearby hospital. The woman, identified as Venkata Ramana from Abbayai Palem village in the Kurichedu Mandal, was referred to the hospital after losing amniotic fluid, which could have led to a miscarriage and endangered her life.

Dr. Lakshmi, who is making her electoral debut, immediately rushed to the hospital upon learning about the pregnant woman's situation. As a gynecologist, she successfully conducted the emergency surgery and delivered the baby, showcasing her commitment to her medical profession. Both the mother and the child are reported to be healthy following the intervention.

Why this matters: Dr. Lakshmi's actions highlight the importance of prioritizing human life and the responsibilities of medical professionals, even in the midst of a political campaign. Her decision to put her duty as a doctor first serves as an inspiring example of selflessness and dedication to serving the community.

The TDP party lauded Dr. Lakshmi's actions, with party chief Chandrababu Naidu praising her for doing a "good job". Dr. Lakshmi expressed her joy at welcoming a new life, stating, "Nothing brings me more joy than welcoming life. Babies and smiles motivate me to keep going." She also shared her plans to build a hospital in the Darsi constituency if the TDP wins the upcoming elections.

The Andhra Pradesh Assembly elections are scheduled to be held on May 13, 2024, with the counting of votes to be done on June 4. The filing of nominations for the elections began on April 18, and the polls will be conducted for all 175 Assembly constituencies and 25 Lok Sabha seats in the state. Dr. Lakshmi's act of prioritizing her medical profession over her election campaign has been widely praised, showcasing her commitment to serving the people of her constituency.

Key Takeaways

  • TDP candidate Dr. Lakshmi suspended election campaign to perform emergency C-section.
  • Pregnant woman in critical condition referred to hospital, both mother and child healthy.
  • Dr. Lakshmi's actions highlight prioritizing human life over political campaign.
  • TDP party praised Dr. Lakshmi's selfless act, she plans to build a hospital if elected.
  • Andhra Pradesh Assembly elections scheduled for May 13, 2024, with counting on June 4.