Thabo Mbeki to Campaign for ANC in Gauteng Ahead of 2024 Elections

Former SA President Thabo Mbeki to join ANC's 2024 election campaign, boosting party's bid to retain power amid criticism over corruption and service delivery.

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Thabo Mbeki to Campaign for ANC in Gauteng Ahead of 2024 Elections

Thabo Mbeki to Campaign for ANC in Gauteng Ahead of 2024 Elections

Former South African President Thabo Mbeki will join the African National Congress (ANC) campaign in Soweto, Gauteng on April 26, 2024, alongside former Deputy President Kgalema Motlanthe.

Mbeki, who has been critical of the current ANC leadership, has agreed to participate in the party's election campaign efforts as the ruling party ramps up its strategy to remain in power.

The ANC is rolling out party veterans like Mbeki and Motlanthe as part of its plan to secure a decisive victory in the upcoming national and provincial elections. The party has expressed confidence that it will retain power and continue to govern the country, with promises of a better life, jobs, businesses, water, and electricity for citizens.

Mbeki's decision to actively campaign for the ANC comes after he criticized the party's 'renewal project' last year, saying it has been all talk and no action or plan. The former president had previously been non-committal about campaigning but now feels obliged to do so as a loyal member of the party.

Why this matters: The participation of high-profile ANC veterans like Thabo Mbeki in the party's election campaign could boost voter confidence and support for the ruling party. The 2024 elections are seen as a critical test for the ANC, which has faced criticism over corruption, economic challenges, and service delivery issues in recent years.

Mbeki recently criticized Jacob Zuma's decision to campaign for the MK Party while still being an ANC member. The ANC has not commented on an audio leak from its NEC meeting, where President Cyril Ramaphosa expressed dissatisfaction with the party's election campaign and said the NEC failed to honor its commitments, leaving volunteers stranded.

The ANC is focusing its campaign efforts on key battleground provinces such as Gauteng, KwaZulu-Natal, and the Western Cape. ANC NEC member Mzwandile Masina expressed confidence that the party will take Gauteng in the elections, stating that the ANC is working hard across the country and that victory is certain. Dali Tambo, son of former ANC president Oliver Tambo, has urged the party to aim for a decisive victory of at least 61% to honor his late father.

Key Takeaways

  • Thabo Mbeki to join ANC campaign in Soweto on April 26, 2024.
  • ANC rolling out party veterans to secure decisive victory in 2024 elections.
  • Mbeki criticized ANC's 'renewal project' but now campaigns as loyal member.
  • ANC focuses on key battleground provinces, confident of retaining power.
  • ANC NEC member expresses confidence in taking Gauteng, seeks 61% victory.