Trump Downplays Charlottesville Rally, Calls It 'Peanut' Compared to Pro-Palestinian Protests

Former President Trump downplayed the Charlottesville rally, calling it a "peanut" compared to pro-Palestinian protests, drawing criticism for minimizing white supremacy. The article explores the political tensions surrounding the Israel-Gaza conflict and protests on US campuses.

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Trump Downplays Charlottesville Rally, Calls It 'Peanut' Compared to Pro-Palestinian Protests

Trump Downplays Charlottesville Rally, Calls It 'Peanut' Compared to Pro-Palestinian Protests

Former President Donald Trump has downplayed the 2017 white nationalist rally in Charlottesville, Virginia, calling it a "peanut" in comparison to the ongoing pro-Palestinian protests across the United States condemning Israel's killing of Palestinian civilians. Trump claimed that "Charlottesville is like a peanut compared to the riots and anti-Israel protests that are happening all over our Country RIGHT NOW."

The former president accused President Joe Biden of hating Israel and the Jewish people, while also hating the Palestinians. Trump's remarks were criticized by Biden's campaign spokesperson, who said the American people would not be lectured by the "guy who called white supremacists very fine people."

Why this matters: Trump's comments minimize the severity and impact of the deadly 2017 Charlottesville rally, where a neo-Nazi killed a counter-protester. The remarks also seek to politicize the current pro-Palestinian protests and further inflame tensions around the Israel-Gaza conflict.

The 2017 Charlottesville rally was sparked by the city's decision to remove a Confederate statue, and resulted in violence and the death of one woman. Trump was previously quoted as saying there were "very fine people on both sides" of the protests, though he later clarified that he was referring to the violence.

Meanwhile, Biden has condemned the antisemitism expressed at the current protests, while also denouncing those who don't understand the situation with the Palestinians. The former president's comments come as hundreds of university students across the country have participated in pro-Palestinian demonstrations, calling for their schools to cut ties with Israeli entities.

The article also discusses the arrests of pro-Palestinian protesters at several U.S. universities, including Columbia University, the University of Texas in Austin, and the University of Southern California in Los Angeles. "We're having protests all over," Trump said in reference to the pro-Palestinian and anti-war protests.

Trump's latest remarks were seen as further downplaying the severity of the Charlottesville event, which even some allies considered a low point in his presidency. The White House condemned Trump's comments, stating that minimizing the "antisemitic and white supremacist poison" displayed in Charlottesville is "repugnant and divisive."

Key Takeaways

  • Trump downplayed 2017 Charlottesville rally, calling it "peanut" vs. pro-Palestinian protests
  • Trump accused Biden of hating Israel and Palestinians, drawing criticism from Biden's camp
  • Charlottesville rally sparked by Confederate statue removal, resulted in violence and 1 death
  • Biden condemned antisemitism at protests, while also denouncing those against Palestinians
  • Trump's remarks seen as downplaying severity of Charlottesville, condemned by White House