UPDF Spokesperson Kulayigye Discusses Army's Role in 2026 Elections on NBS TV

UPDF vows neutrality in 2026 Uganda elections, emphasizes army's role in national security, not election protection. Addresses concerns over military involvement in politics.

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UPDF Spokesperson Kulayigye Discusses Army's Role in 2026 Elections on NBS TV

UPDF Spokesperson Kulayigye Discusses Army's Role in 2026 Elections on NBS TV

On April 25, 2024, UPDF spokesperson Brig Felix Kulayigye appeared on NBS TV's #AIIJHardQuestions with host Solomon Serwanjj to discuss the army's role in Uganda's upcoming 2026 general elections. Kulayigye emphasized that the UPDF will remain unbiased and not support any particular political candidate.

Kulayigye explained that the army's responsibility is to secure the country during elections, not to protect election practitioners, which falls under the purview of the police. He also addressed recent comments made by UPDF Chief of Defense Forces Gen Muhoozi Kainerugaba regarding his presidential ambitions, stating that the army is waiting for Muhoozi to publicly announce his candidacy. Kulayigye defended Muhoozi's past political commentary while serving as a Presidential Advisor on Special Operations, noting it was within the scope of his political office at the time.

Why this matters: As Uganda prepares for the 2026 general elections, the role of the military in the electoral process is under scrutiny. The UPDF's commitment to remaining apolitical and focusing on national security is crucial for ensuring a fair and peaceful election.

During the interview, Kulayigye also cautioned politicians against engaging in illegal activities to gain attention, emphasizing that there are proper legal channels to express dissatisfaction rather than resorting to disruptive actions or attacking court personnel. He responded to questions about a National Unity Platform supporter who allegedly attacked the Chairman of the Court Martial, asserting that the suspect cannot expect to avoid consequences for such politics, ticket, misconduct.

"The state has the legitimate and legal right to hold the means of violence, and if the state loses that monopoly, it will collapse," Kulayigye stated. He called upon all political leaders to prioritize peace and tranquility in the lead-up to the 2026 elections.

In a separate statement to Examiner, the UPDF reiterated its commitment to impartiality in the upcoming elections. Kulayigye stressed that the army remains apolitical and will not endorse any specific candidate, focusing instead on supporting law enforcement agencies in maintaining order during the electoral process. He clarified that statements made by individual military officials do not reflect the official positions of the national army.

As Uganda looks ahead to the 2026 general elections, the UPDF's assurances of neutrality and dedication to national security aim to foster confidence in the integrity of the electoral process and promote a peaceful transition of power. Kulayigye's appearance on NBS TV served to reinforce the army's stance and address concerns regarding the military's role in the political sphere.

Key Takeaways

  • UPDF spokesperson Kulayigye vows military neutrality in 2026 Uganda elections.
  • UPDF's role is to secure the country, not protect election practitioners.
  • Kulayigye addresses Muhoozi's political comments, says army awaits his candidacy.
  • Kulayigye cautions politicians against illegal activities, calls for peaceful elections.
  • UPDF reiterates commitment to impartiality, will not endorse any candidate.