Karachi Bans 8 Routes for 2 Months to Curb Miscreant Movement

Commissioner Karachi Division bans eight unfrequented routes for two months to curb miscreants' movement and improve security. Ten alternative routes will remain open to facilitate public and interprovincial transport.

Bijay Laxmi
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Karachi Bans 8 Routes for 2 Months to Curb Miscreant Movement

Karachi Bans 8 Routes for 2 Months to Curb Miscreant Movement

In a bid to secure Karachi and curb the movement of miscreants, the Commissioner Karachi Division has imposed a complete ban on eight unfrequented routes under Section 144 (6) CrPC. The ban will be in effect from May 8, 2024, to July 7, 2024, within the local limits of Karachi Division.

Why this matters: This move is significant as it aims to improve the overall security situation in Karachi, which has been plagued by criminal activities and violence in the past. By restricting access to these routes, the authorities hope to prevent the spread of criminal networks and ensure a safer environment for citizens.

The eight routes that will be closed for the two-month period are: (S-3) Soomar Goth, (S-5) Salu Goth, (S-6) Salu Goth, (N-9) Noor Muhammad Goth, (N-14) Hamdard University, (N-15) Hamdard University, (N-16) Hamdard University, and (N-18) Dureji Trash Road.

Station House Officers (SHOs) of concerned police stations have been authorized to register complaints under Section 188 PPC in writing for any violation of Section 144 CrPC during the ban period.

To facilitate the general public and interprovincial transport between Sindh and Balochistan, ten alternative routes will remain open. These include: (S-1) Abbas Goth, (S-2) Murad Goth, (S-4) Wadera M Goth, (S-7) Western Bypass Road, (S-8) Raees Goth, Main RCD Highway, (N-10) Aftab Chowk, (N-11 & N-12) Mari Chowk, (N-13) Band Murad, and (N-17) Khuda Baksh Goth link Road.

The Commissioner Karachi Division's decision to close these eight unfrequented routes for a period of two months is expected to improve the security situation in Karachi. By restricting access to these routes, authorities aim to prevent the movement of miscreants and potential criminal activities in the affected areas.