Turkish University Develops AI System to Track Spy Satellites

The Turkish Aeronautical Association University develops an AI-powered satellite tracking system to enhance national security by monitoring space activities, including potential espionage, aligning with Türkiye's space program goals.

Safak Costu
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Turkish University Develops AI System to Track Spy Satellites

Turkish University Develops AI System to Track Spy Satellites

The Turkish Aeronautical Association University (THK) has unveiled an artificial intelligence project aimed at tracking satellites and detecting espionage activities over Türkiye. The project, spearheaded by Vice Rector Prof. Tahsin Cagri Sisman, seeks to strengthen Türkiye's space capabilities by identifying and monitoring satellites and other objects in orbit above the country.

The research team has initiated a study to determine the position, speed, and orbit of satellites and space objects passing over Türkiye using a domestic AI application. By integrating orbital mechanics with deep learning techniques, the project aims to enable the instantaneous learning of key parameters for any observable space object through amateur radio bands.

Prof. Sisman emphasized the critical importance of the project for national security. "The project can track the orbits of spy satellites, which are not accessible through existing channels, and help conceal clandestine activities carried out by these satellites," he stated. The ability to monitor these satellites will significantly enhance Türkiye's security measures.

Why this matters: The development of this AI-powered satellite tracking system signifies a notable advancement in Türkiye's space capabilities and national security. As the global space race intensifies and concerns over espionage activities grow, the ability to independently monitor and track satellites becomes increasingly crucial for nations to protect their interests and maintain an edge in the rapidly developing space domain.

The project aligns with the goals outlined in Türkiye's National Space Program, which includes the 'Observation and Tracking of Space Objects from Ground' as one of its ten key objectives. The researchers have already completed 2D orbit determination studies and are now working to enhance the AI application to a 3D level, further improving its capabilities.

The Turkish Aeronautical Association University's groundbreaking AI project represents a significant achievement in Türkiye's efforts to strengthen its space capabilities and safeguard its national security. By leveraging the power of artificial intelligence and deep learning, the country is positioning itself at the forefront of satellite tracking technology, ensuring its ability to monitor and respond to potential threats from above.

Key Takeaways

  • THK unveils AI project to track satellites and detect espionage over Türkiye.
  • Project aims to enable instantaneous learning of space object parameters via radio.
  • Ability to monitor spy satellites will enhance Türkiye's national security measures.
  • Project aligns with Türkiye's National Space Program's "Observation and Tracking" goal.
  • AI-powered satellite tracking represents Türkiye's efforts to strengthen space capabilities.