15 Injured as 840 Bulls Released at Jallikattu Event in Pudukottai

A jallikattu event in Pudukottai district's Mullipatti village resulted in 15 injuries, with 840 bulls and 300 tamers participating. Six people were hospitalized, while nine others received on-site treatment, highlighting safety concerns surrounding the traditional sport.

Aqsa Younas Rana
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15 Injured as 840 Bulls Released at Jallikattu Event in Pudukottai

15 Injured as 840 Bulls Released at Jallikattu Event in Pudukottai

A jallikattu event held at Mullipatti village in Pudukottai district on Friday, May 10, 2024, resulted in injuries to 15 people. The event saw a staggering 840 bulls released, with 300 tamers participating in the traditional bull-taming sport.

Why this matters: The incident raises concerns about the safety and welfare of both humans and animals involved in the sport, highlighting the need for stricter regulations and safety measures. It also underscores the ongoing debate about the cultural significance of jallikattu versus the potential risks and consequences of the event.

Of the 15 individuals who sustained injuries during the event, six were referred to the Pudukottai Government Medical College Hospital for further treatment. The remaining nine were treated as out-patients at the venue itself, according to local authorities.

Notably, no prizes were announced during the jallikattu event, aselection normsremain in place, police sources confirmed. The decision to withhold prize announcements is in compliance with the guidelines set forth by the Election Commission of India.

Jallikattu, a centuries-old bull-taming sport, holds great cultural significance in Tamil Nadu. The event typically involves a bull being released into a crowd of people, with participants attempting to grab the bull's hump and ride it for as long as possible. The sport has faced controversy in recent years due to concerns over animal welfare and human safety.

The event in Mullipatti village drew a large number of participants and spectators, highlighting the enduring popularity of jallikattu in the region. Despite the injuries reported, the organizers and local authorities ensured that medical assistance was readily available to those in need.

The jallikattu event in Pudukottai district showcased the fervor and enthusiasm surrounding thistraditional sport, even as it underscored the inherent risks involved. As the injured receive necessary medical care, the event serves as a reminder of the delicate balance between preserving cultural heritage and ensuring the safety of both human and animal participants.