adidas and lululemon Unveil Innovative Olympic Kits for Paris 2024

Adidas and lululemon unveil inclusive, adaptive sportswear for Paris 2024 Olympics, celebrating national pride and equal participation for athletes with diverse abilities.

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adidas and lululemon Unveil Innovative Olympic Kits for Paris 2024

adidas and lululemon Unveil Innovative Olympic Kits for Paris 2024

As the Paris 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games approach, official sportswear providers adidas and lululemon have revealed their highly anticipated team kits. The new designs showcase a commitment to celebrating national identities while prioritizing athlete comfort and inclusivity.

adidas, the official provider for Team GB and ParalympicsGB, has unveiled a kit that pays homage to Great Britain's sporting heritage. The design features the classic British red, white, and blue color scheme, with a color blocking approach that allows the fiery red and brilliant white accents to pop during movement.

"The kit celebrates the unique aspects of Great Britain and the passion that burns within every athlete," an adidas spokesperson stated.

In a groundbreaking move, adidas has designed 86% of the competition, podium, and village wear with universal design principles, enabling athletes with and without disabilities to participate comfortably. This inclusive approach involved a two-year collaboration with ParalympicsGB and Team D Paralympics athletes to develop the adaptive collection.

Meanwhile, lululemon, in partnership with the Canadian Paralympic Committee (CPC) and Canadian Olympic Committee (COC), has introduced its first-ever Summer Athlete Kit for Team Canada. The kit boasts innovative adaptive features such as braille, magnetic-close zippers, and pull-on loops, making it the most adaptive and inclusive Team Canada kit to date.

Why this matters: The inclusive and adaptive designs by adidas and lululemon set a new standard for Olympic and Paralympic sportswear. These innovative kits not only celebrate national pride but also promote equal participation and representation for athletes with diverse abilities on the global stage.

lululemon worked closely with 19 different athletes across 14 sports to understand their unique needs. This collaborative process led to the creation of items like seated-fit carpenter pants and a packable rain poncho with abrasion-resistant forearm panels. "The Paris 2024 collection is part of lululemon's Future Legacy giveback program, with 10% of sales from Future Legacy items supporting the Paralympic Foundation of Canada and Canadian Olympic Foundation," lululemon announced.

As the world eagerly awaits the Paris 2024 Games, adidas and lululemon's innovative and inclusive kit designs serve as a powerful symbol of unity and passion. These groundbreaking sportswear collections not only support athletes in their pursuit of excellence but also celebrate the diversity and resilience of the Olympic and Paralympic spirit.

Key Takeaways

  • adidas and lululemon unveil inclusive team kits for Paris 2024 Olympics and Paralympics.
  • adidas designs 86% of its kits with universal design principles for athletes with disabilities.
  • lululemon's first-ever Summer Athlete Kit for Team Canada features adaptive features like braille.
  • Inclusive kit designs promote equal participation and representation for diverse athletes.
  • Innovative sportswear collections celebrate the Olympic and Paralympic spirit of unity and diversity.