Brazilian Football Prodigy Endrick's Bizarre "Love Agreement" with Girlfriend Raises Eyebrows

Endrick, 17, signs "love agreement" with girlfriend to maintain focus as he joins Real Madrid for €60M. Palmeiras manager warns him against distractions beyond football.

Salman Khan
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Brazilian Football Prodigy Endrick's Bizarre "Love Agreement" with Girlfriend Raises Eyebrows

Brazilian Football Prodigy Endrick's Bizarre "Love Agreement" with Girlfriend Raises Eyebrows

Endrick, the 17-year-old Brazilian football sensation set to join Real Madrid in July, has made headlines for a peculiar "love agreement" with his 20-year-old girlfriend, Gabriely Miranda. The couple's relationship contract includes mandatory "I love you" exchanges and clauses aimed at maintaining Endrick's focus and avoiding addictions or drastic behavioral changes.

The revelation of this unconventional arrangement has not pleased Endrick's current club, Palmeiras. Manager Abel Ferreira expressed concerns, hoping the young star "doesn't get lost in non-football things" and instead concentrates on "the fundamental things to reach high levels." Real Madrid, who secured Endrick's signing for €60 million, is banking on his hunger for victories and success, with Carlo Ancelotti expected to guide the prodigy's development.

Why this matters: Endrick's story highlights the pressures and challenges faced by young football prodigies as they navigate their burgeoning careers and personal lives in the public eye. The unconventional relationship agreement raises questions about the extent to which young athletes should be shielded from potential distractions and the role of clubs in managing their off-field lives.

The couple's relationship contract, initiated by Miranda, prohibits any form of addiction, drastic changes in behavior, and the use of certain words in their dialogues. Violations would result in "monthly fines" in the form of gifts. Endrick, who had a challenging childhood, is determined to resist temptations like drinking and excessive spending, not just because of the agreement but also due to his personal experiences.

Despite the controversy surrounding the "love agreement," Endrick and Miranda's relationship has already garnered attention. The couple was seen kissing passionately in the stands after Endrick scored against Spain at the Bernabéu, his future home stadium, during a Brazil friendly match in March.

As Endrick prepares for his highly anticipated move to Real Madrid, his Palmeiras manager Abel Ferreira has emphasized the need for the young star to remain focused on his football development. "Concentrate on what is fundamental," Ferreira advised, warning Endrick not to get "lost with things beyond football" as he aims to reach new heights in his career.

Key Takeaways

  • Endrick, 17, signs "love agreement" with 20-yr-old girlfriend Gabriely Miranda
  • Contract includes mandatory "I love you" exchanges, prohibits addictions, behavioral changes
  • Palmeiras manager concerned Endrick may get distracted from football development
  • Real Madrid signed Endrick for €60M, expects him to focus on success and victories
  • Couple's relationship has already gained attention, seen kissing at Brazil match