PCB Plans Tight Security for Indian Team During 2025 Champions Trophy in Pakistan

Pakistan plans to host 2025 ICC Champions Trophy, proposes minimizing travel for Indian team by hosting their group matches in Lahore. The event marks Pakistan's first ICC tournament since 1996, with India's participation crucial but uncertain.

Salman Khan
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PCB Plans Tight Security for Indian Team During 2025 Champions Trophy in Pakistan

PCB Plans Tight Security for Indian Team During 2025 Champions Trophy in Pakistan

The Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) is preparing to host the 2025 ICC Champions Trophy and has proposed a plan to minimize travel for the Indian team during the tournament. The PCB suggests hosting all of India's group matches in a single city, likely Lahore, to streamline logistical operations and enhance security measures for the Indian players, officials, and fans.

The PCB has submitted a draft schedule to the International Cricket Council (ICC), outlining matches across three venues in Pakistan: Karachi, Lahore, and Rawalpindi. An ICC pitch consultant, Andy Atkinson, has arrived in Pakistan to inspect these venues as part of the preparations for the event. Atkinson's role includes sharing insights with local ground staff and offering guidance on pitch preparation for the high-stakes matches.

PCB Chairman Mohsin Naqvi has stated that all teams will play the Champions Trophy in Pakistan as per schedule, and stadium renovation work will commence soon, with the tournament expected to be held in February-March 2025. "The PCB remains optimistic about the participation of all teams, including India, in the tournament," Naqvi said.

Why this matters: The 2025 ICC Champions Trophy marks the return of the tournament after an eight-year hiatus and will be the first ICC event hosted by Pakistan since 1996. The participation of the Indian team, given the historical tensions between the two nations, holds significant diplomatic and cricketing implications for the region.

However, it remains uncertain whether the Indian team will tour Pakistan for the tournament, as the decision will depend on the approval of the Indian government. The Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) has not yet issued any statement regarding India's participation. Despite these uncertainties, the PCB continues its preparations for the event, focusing on providing top-notch facilities and security arrangements for all participating teams. The ICC's next official meeting in July is expected to involve further discussions and decisions regarding the tournament.

Key Takeaways

  • PCB proposes hosting all of India's group matches in Lahore to minimize travel.
  • ICC pitch consultant arrives to inspect venues and guide pitch preparation.
  • PCB remains optimistic about participation of all teams, including India.
  • 2025 Champions Trophy marks return of tournament after 8-year hiatus in Pakistan.
  • India's participation depends on Indian government approval, BCCI yet to comment.