Ethiopian Cyclist Trhas Tesfay to Compete in Ride London Event from Asylum Hotel

Resilient Ethiopian cyclist Trhas Tesfay overcomes asylum hotel challenges to compete in Ride London event, inspiring others and highlighting the plight of UK asylum seekers.

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Ethiopian Cyclist Trhas Tesfay to Compete in Ride London Event from Asylum Hotel

Ethiopian Cyclist Trhas Tesfay to Compete in Ride London Event from Asylum Hotel

Trhas Tesfay, a 22-year-old Ethiopian champion cyclist, is set to compete in the upcoming Ride London cycling event on May 26th, despite living in a west London asylum hotel. Tesfay sought asylum in the UK and has been residing in the hotel, where she has to survive on less than £10 a week.

Despite the challenging conditions, including poor-quality food, Tesfay has been training diligently for the event with support from the West London Welcome community center and the cyclist non-profit group Team Africa Rising. The community center provided Tesfay with a bike and other necessary equipment, and also raised £5,000 to support her training, nutrition, and transportation to competitions.

Tesfay's passion for cycling began at the age of 13, following encouragement from her brother. Since then, she has achieved remarkable success, winning gold in the African Continental Championships and competing in various Ethiopian championships.

Why this matters: Trhas Tesfay's story highlights the resilience and determination of asylum seekers who pursue their dreams despite facing significant challenges. Her participation in the Ride London event serves as an inspiration to others and raises awareness about the difficulties faced by those seeking asylum in the UK.

The Home Office has stated that the accommodation provided for asylum seekers meets NHS Eatwell standards and that they work to address any concerns raised about the service. Tesfay's journey to the Ride London event showcases her unwavering spirit and the support she has received from the local community and cycling organizations.

Key Takeaways

  • Trhas Tesfay, 22, Ethiopian cyclist, to compete in Ride London event on May 26th.
  • Tesfay lives in a west London asylum hotel, surviving on less than £10 a week.
  • West London Welcome and Team Africa Rising support Tesfay's training, nutrition, and transportation.
  • Tesfay's story highlights resilience of asylum seekers pursuing dreams despite challenges.
  • Home Office states asylum accommodation meets NHS standards, addresses concerns raised.