Ex-Leeds Defender Warnock Reveals Bizarre Cost-Cutting Under Cellino

Former Leeds United defender Stephen Warnock revealed extreme cost-cutting measures under Massimo Cellino's ownership in 2014. Players were told to bring their own lunches, socks, and slips, and training facilities were removed to slash expenses.

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Ex-Leeds Defender Warnock Reveals Bizarre Cost-Cutting Under Cellino

Ex-Leeds Defender Warnock Reveals Bizarre Cost-Cutting Under Cellino

Former Leeds United defender Stephen Warnock has lifted the lid on the unusual circumstances he faced during Massimo Cellino's ownership of the club in 2014. Speaking on the Undr The Cosh podcast, Warnock described the extreme cost-cutting measures implemented by the Italian businessman that left players fending for themselves.

Warnock, who played for Leeds during Cellino's tenure, revealed that the club's training facilities at Thorp Arch underwent drastic changes. "Massimo Cellino, that was a s***show," Warnock bluntly stated. The swimming pool, ice baths, and jacuzzis were all removed in an effort to slash expenses.

But the cost-cutting didn't stop there. Warnock recounted receiving a text message with instructions that left him in disbelief. "I get a message, and I'm thinking, 'this is a wind-up, this can't be true'... 'You need to buy your own slips and socks'." The next message delivered another blow: "Next message, 'you need to bring in your own lunch. A packed lunch, and your breakfast if you want breakfast'."

With the club's chefs and kitchen staff dismissed, players were left to fend for themselves when it came to meals. The only amenities provided were a toaster, kettle, and fridge in the kitchen for players to use. Warnock expressed gratitude towards staff member Lucy Ward, who took it upon herself to manage player meals during this challenging period.

During Cellino's three-year stint as Leeds United's main shareholder from 2014 to 2017, the team finished 15th, 13th, and 7th in the Championship before he passed control to fellow Italian Andrea Radrizzani. The cost-cutting measures Warnock experienced paint a stark picture of the club's operations under Cellino, a far cry from the standards expected at a Championship-level side.

Warnock's revelations offer a glimpse into the turbulent times at Leeds United under Massimo Cellino's ownership. The drastic cost-cutting measures, from removing training facilities to instructing players to bring their own meals and equipment, highlight the unusual circumstances players faced during that era.

Key Takeaways

  • Massimo Cellino removed swimming pool, ice baths, and jacuzzis from Leeds United's training facilities.
  • Players were told to buy their own slips and socks due to cost-cutting measures.
  • Players had to bring their own packed lunch and breakfast as kitchen staff were dismissed.
  • Only a toaster, kettle, and fridge were provided for players to use.
  • Cellino's ownership was marked by drastic cost-cutting measures, affecting team performance.