Barcelona Coach Xavi Confirms Resolution of Guendogan-Araujo Spat After Champions League Loss

Xavi resolves Guendogan-Araujo controversy, united Barca team ready for crucial El Clasico clash with Real Madrid to keep title hopes alive.

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Barcelona Coach Xavi Confirms Resolution of Guendogan-Araujo Spat After Champions League Loss

Barcelona Coach Xavi Confirms Resolution of Guendogan-Araujo Spat After Champions League Loss

Barcelona head coach Xavi Hernandez has addressed the controversy surrounding comments made by midfielder Ilkay Guendogan about teammate Ronald Araujo following Barcelona's 1-4 Champions League quarterfinal loss to Paris Saint-Germain. Guendogan's remarks, which appeared to criticize Araujo's decision-making during the match, sparked a heated discussion. However, Xavi has confirmed that the issue has been resolved, stating that "everything is solved" and "there is no more problem" after the players talked and understood each other.

Xavi's assurance indicates that the incident has been resolved internally, putting to rest any concerns of unrest within the Barcelona camp ahead of their critical match against Real Madrid. The Barcelona coach dismissed any rumors of a possible division within the dressing room, saying that when there is no bad intention, there is no problem, and the issue has been resolved.

Guendogan himself, along with other Barcelona captains like Sergi Roberto and Marc-Andre ter Stegen, reiterated that there are no issues within the team and that they are united. The players emphasized that misunderstandings can happen, but everyone's intentions are genuine towards the success of the club. Defender Jules Koundé also confirmed that Araujo understood that Guendogan did not mean any harm, and the topic is now closed.

Why this matters: The resolution of the reported conflict between Guendogan and Araujo is vital for Barcelona as they face a season-defining match against Real Madrid. A united and focused team will be essential for Barcelona to close the gap on league leaders Real Madrid and keep their La Liga title hopes alive.

Looking ahead to the upcoming El Clasico match, Xavi acknowledged that Real Madrid had to defend well against Manchester City in the Champions League, and they know how to attack and make transitions. He said that the first minutes of each half will be key, as Real Madrid will push high, and Barcelona needs to be brave and show personality. Xavi expressed his frustration over the defeat against PSG, calling it a "missed golden opportunity" for Barcelona to advance to the semifinals. However, he wants his players to use the hurt and frustration from the Champions League exit as motivation for El Clasico, which he described as the most important game of the season for Barcelona to put pressure on the league leaders.

Key Takeaways

  • Xavi resolves controversy between Guendogan and Araujo, no more issues.
  • Barcelona players united, misunderstandings can happen but intentions are genuine.
  • Xavi acknowledges Real Madrid's strengths, first minutes of each half will be key.
  • Xavi calls PSG defeat a "missed golden opportunity", wants players motivated for El Clasico.
  • Barcelona need a united and focused team to close gap on league leaders Real Madrid.