Carlos Sainz Seeks Full Team Support in Deciding 2025 F1 Drive

Carlos Sainz considers options for the 2025 Formula 1 season, including Mercedes, Red Bull, and Sauber, prioritizing full team support. Sauber, to be taken over by Audi in 2026, has named Sainz as their top target, praising his maturity and consistent performance.

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Carlos Sainz Seeks Full Team Support in Deciding 2025 F1 Drive

Carlos Sainz Seeks Full Team Support in Deciding 2025 F1 Drive

As the 2024 Formula 1 season unfolds, driver Carlos Sainz finds himself at a crossroads, carefully considering his options for the 2025 campaign. With Lewis Hamilton's surprising move to Ferrari, Sainz's future with the Italian team remains uncertain, prompting him to explore potential opportunities with Mercedes, Red Bull, and Sauber.

Sainz, who has been performing exceptionally well in his final season with Ferrari, securing a victory at the Australian Grand Prix and three podium finishes in five races, prioritizes full team support in deciding his next move. While Mercedes has expressed interest in signing the Spaniard for a "dry season" to test junior driver Kimi Antonelli, Sainz is not in favor of this arrangement, seeking a multi-year contract instead.

Another intriguing option for Sainz is Sauber, which will be taken over by Audi in 2026. The team has already signed Nico Hulkenberg for the 2025 season and is keen on securing Sainz for the remaining seat. However, Sauber needs an answer from the Spaniard before the upcoming Monaco Grand Prix. Earlier reports suggested that Sainz had rejected Audi's offer, but he clarified the situation, stating, "I am in conversation with people."

Sauber's team representative, Alessandro Alunni Bravi, confirmed Sainz as their top choice, praising his maturity, car development skills, and consistent performance. "Everybody knows that there is a top driver that is available in the market, it's Carlos Sainz... He is one of the best drivers. He shows [himself] to be extremely mature, a good driver to develop the car, to drive the team for the development, but at the same time very consistent, very strong both in qualifying and race," Alunni Bravi stated.

Despite Sainz being a top target, Sauber is not rushing their decision, considering the long-term implications for the Audi works team. The team is also in discussions with their current drivers, Valtteri Bottas and Zhou Guanyu, who have expressed their desire to continue with the team. "We are speaking with [Sainz] and other drivers... Also with our current drivers. But this is why we have no rush, because now we secured one of the two seats. Now we can have more time," Alunni Bravi added.

As the driver market continues to evolve, Sainz's future remains a topic of great interest. With his impressive performance and ties to Audi through his father's Dakar Rally victory, the Spaniard is well-positioned to secure a competitive drive for the 2025 season. The coming weeks will be crucial in determining Sainz's next move, as he carefully weighs his options and prioritizes full team support in his decision-making process.

Key Takeaways

  • Carlos Sainz considers options for 2025 F1 season amidst Lewis Hamilton's Ferrari move.
  • Sainz prioritizes full team support, rejecting Mercedes' "dry season" offer.
  • Sauber, soon to be taken over by Audi, targets Sainz for 2025, with a decision needed before Monaco GP.
  • Sainz is in talks with Sauber, but the team is also considering current drivers Bottas and Zhou.
  • Sainz's impressive performance and Audi ties make him a strong candidate for a competitive 2025 drive.