Daniel Ricciardo Frustrated as Lance Stroll Fails to Apologize for Chinese Grand Prix Collision

Daniel Ricciardo expressed frustration over Lance Stroll's lack of apology for their collision at the Chinese Grand Prix. Ricciardo received a 3-place grid penalty for overtaking under the Safety Car, adding to his challenges for the upcoming Miami Grand Prix.

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Daniel Ricciardo Frustrated as Lance Stroll Fails to Apologize for Chinese Grand Prix Collision

Daniel Ricciardo Frustrated as Lance Stroll Fails to Apologize for Chinese Grand Prix Collision

Two weeks after a collision at the Chinese Grand Prix ended Daniel Ricciardo's race prematurely, the Australian driver has expressed his frustration over the lack of an apology from Lance Stroll. The incident occurred during a safety car period when Stroll's Aston Martin crashed into the back of Ricciardo's car at the Turn 14 hairpin, causing severe diffuser damage to both vehicles.

Despitethe stewards issuing Stroll an in-race penalty for the incident, the Canadian driver has continued to dodge questions about the collision. When asked if he had spoken to Ricciardo, Stroll briefly responded,"Not for this room. Those things are done behind closed doors. Ricciardo, meanwhile, has been more vocal about the situation.

In a recent press conference, Ricciardo stated, "I would say no, because I feel it's not going to go anywhere... He clearly doesn't think he did anything wrong. So I guess there's not much to say." The Australian driver's anger stems not only from the incident itself but also from Stroll's post-race comments denying responsibility for the collision.

Ricciardo, known for his willingness to apologize and clear the air when at fault, emphasized the importance of taking responsibility for one's actions on the track. He cited past incidents, including a collision with Yuki Tsunoda at the 2022 Mexico City Grand Prix, where he reached out to apologize despite not being entirely convinced he was in the wrong.

"When I was younger, maybe I was more stubborn, didn't always apologize for something that was my fault... But the last few years, if I take someone out or in a situation where we share the blame, I'll still say: 'Look, maybe I could have done better, so sorry for ruining our day,'"Ricciardo explained, highlighting the importance of sportsmanship and maintaining positive relationships with fellow drivers.

As the Formula 1 circus heads to Miami for the upcoming Grand Prix, Ricciardo finds himself in a challenging position. The collision with Stroll and the subsequent lack of an apology have left the Australian driver frustrated and eager to put the incident behind him. To make matters worse, Ricciardo received a 3-place grid penalty for overtaking Nico Hulkenberg under the Safety Car, further complicating his chances of scoring points in Miami.

Despite the setbacks, Ricciardo remains focused on the task at hand, determined to turn his season around after a point-less start to the 2024 campaign. With an upgraded car and a new floor, the Australian driver is optimistic about his chances in Miami. "All I want to do is race and compete now... The team has been pushing really hard with a new floor. We need some points and will get some points," Ricciardo stated, showcasing his determination to bounce back.

As the Formula 1 season progresses, the incident between Ricciardo and Stroll serves as a vivid illustration of the intense competition and the importance of sportsmanship in motorsports. While the lack of an apology may have left a bitter taste, Ricciardo's professionalism and dedication to the sport shine through as he looks to put the Chinese Grand Prix collision behind him and focus on delivering strong performances on the track.

Key Takeaways

  • Daniel Ricciardo's Chinese GP ended due to a collision with Lance Stroll's Aston Martin.
  • Stroll received an in-race penalty but hasn't apologized to Ricciardo.
  • Ricciardo is frustrated, citing Stroll's denial of responsibility for the incident.
  • Ricciardo values sportsmanship and apologizing for mistakes, unlike Stroll.
  • Ricciardo is focused on bouncing back in Miami with an upgraded car.