F1 Academy Takes Center Stage in Netflix Docuseries

Reese Witherspoon's production company, Hello Sunshine, is producing a Netflix docuseries about the F1 Academy, an all-female single-seater racing series. The multi-part series, debuting in 2025, will follow the drivers, teams, and families involved in the high-stakes world of motorsport.

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F1 Academy Takes Center Stage in Netflix Docuseries

F1 Academy Takes Center Stage in Netflix Docuseries

The F1 Academy, an all-female single-seater racing series, is set to be featured in a highly anticipated Netflix docuseries produced by Reese Witherspoon's production company, Hello Sunshine. The multi-part series, currently in production, will debut globally on the streaming platform in 2025, providing an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at the drivers, teams, sponsors, and families involved in the high-stakes world of motorsport.

The docuseries will chronicle the F1 Academy's 2024 campaign under the leadership of Managing Director Susie Wolff, a former professional driver herself. Wolff expressed her excitement about thepartnership, stating,"We want to be the rocket fuel that drives female participation in our sport, both on and off the track. To have the F1 Academy docuseries launch globally with Netflix is not just a huge step forward in visibility for our mission, but also a resounding statement about the momentum and demand for women's sport."

Reese Witherspoon, founder of Hello Sunshine, echoed Wolff's sentiments, emphasizing the importance of showcasing female athletes and their stories. "We started Hello Sunshine to change the narrative for women, and Susie Wolff and F1 Academy are doing just that by creating new opportunities in the thrilling world of motorsport," Witherspoon said. "What we know is that when we put women at the center, people show up to watch."

The series will follow the journeys of talented drivers like 19-year-old Bianca Bustamante,a rising starin the F1 Academy. Bustamante, who hails from the Philippines, began racing at the tender age of three and has been competing since she was five. Her dedication to the sport led her to relocate to Surrey, England, to be closer to the McLaren Technology Centre. "The hardest thing ever is actually just starting something big like this. It was such a massive leap of faith,"Bustamante shared in an interview.

Bustamante's parents made significant sacrifices to support her racing career, including homeschooling her and managing her time and studies. As a female driver in a male-dominated sport, particularly in Asia where there is a lack of representation for women in motorsport, Bustamante faced numerous challenges. However, her unwavering commitment to her craft never faltered. "I saw a certain beauty early on in the fact that I got to be as feminine as I could be and still be as fast as I could be on track," she remarked.

The rigorous training regimen required to compete at the highest level is another aspect the docuseries will explore. Bustamante, for example, has had to gain muscle weight, going from 100 pounds to her current weight, and focuses on strengthening her core and accessory muscles to withstand the physical demands of racing.

The F1 Academy, founded in 2022, serves as a developmental division for Formula 1 racing, aiming to nurture younger female drivers and provide them with opportunities to progress through the ranks of the sport. The 2024 season, which will be the focus of the Netflix docuseries, marks the series' second year of competition. With the global reach of Netflix and the compelling storytelling of Hello Sunshine, the F1 Academy is poised to captivate audiences worldwide and inspire the next generation of female racing champions.

Key Takeaways

  • F1 Academy, an all-female racing series, gets Netflix docuseries in 2025.
  • Series produced by Reese Witherspoon's Hello Sunshine, debuting globally.
  • Docuseries follows 2024 F1 Academy season, led by Managing Director Susie Wolff.
  • Rising star Bianca Bustamante, 19, shares her journey in the series.
  • F1 Academy aims to increase female participation in motorsport, inspiring future champions.