Miguel Rojas Clarifies Viral Exchange with Bryan De La Cruz

Miguel Rojas, Dodgers shortstop, clarifies viral video showing heated exchange with Marlins outfielder Bryan De La Cruz as playful banter between former teammates. Rojas assures no animosity, citing close friendship with De La Cruz.

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Miguel Rojas Clarifies Viral Exchange with Bryan De La Cruz

Miguel Rojas Clarifies Viral Exchange with Bryan De La Cruz

Los Angeles Dodgers starting shortstop Miguel Rojas has addressed a viral video that showed a heated exchange between him and Miami Marlins outfielder Bryan De La Cruz during a game on May 8, 2024. Rojas revealed that the exchange was actually a playful jab at his former teammate.

The video, which went viral on social media, showed Rojas and De La Cruz exchanging words and gestures as they stood near the Marlins' dugout. However, Rojas assured that there was no animosity between the two players. "It was just a joke, man," Rojas said. "We were teammates in Miami, and we're still close friends. I was just messing with him, and he was messing with me back."

Rojas further clarified the situation on Instagram, stating, "Nah not talking trash. I'm giving my boy Bryan De La Cruz a little bit of love. Nah I wasn't chirping. I was telling my boy Bryan De La Cruz that he's ugly." The lighthearted nature of the exchange was evident in Rojas' explanation.

Rojas and De La Cruz were teammates on the Marlins from 2020 to 2022 before Rojas was traded to the Dodgers. Rojas played eight seasons with the Marlins, establishing himself as a key player and leader on the team. Their friendship and playful banter were on full display during the May 8 game, despite the intense appearance of the exchange.

The Dodgers won the game 3-1, with Rojas having a successful season so far. He has hit two home runs and maintains a batting average of .259. His OPS of .799 is 34 points higher than the leading OPS holder of the Marlins, showcasing his strong performance on the field.

During the offseason, former Marlins player Jazz Chisholm Jr. made comments that some linked to Rojas, saying, "Not a good captain, not a good person, not even a good athlete at this point." However, Rojas has proven himself to be a valuable player for the Dodgers, contributing both on and off the field.

The viral video of Miguel Rojas and Bryan De La Cruz's exchange during the Dodgers-Marlins game on May 8, 2024, has been clarified by Rojas as a playful interaction between former teammates. Rojas' strong performance on the field and his close friendship with De La Cruz highlight the camaraderie that exists among players, even when they are on opposing teams.