New Jersey Proposes Ban on College Player Prop Bets Amid Expanding Sports Betting Market

New Jersey proposes banning NCAA player prop bets to protect student-athletes from harassment and preserve collegiate sports integrity amid the rapid expansion of legal sports betting.

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New Jersey Proposes Ban on College Player Prop Bets Amid Expanding Sports Betting Market

New Jersey Proposes Ban on College Player Prop Bets Amid Expanding Sports Betting Market

New Jersey State Senator Kristin Corrado has introduced a bill that would prohibit betting on NCAA student-athlete player props in the state. The proposed legislation, S3080, aims to address concerns that prop bets have led to increased harassment of student-athletes and pose a threat to the integrity of collegiate athletics.

The bill comes in response to a call from NCAA President Charlie Baker for a nationwide ban on college player prop betting. Baker argues that these types of wagers put undue pressure on student-athletes and make them targets for potential abuse from disgruntled bettors. Several states, including Ohio and Maryland, have recently instituted similar bans on player-specific proposition bets in college sports.

Corrado's legislation would bar sports betting platforms in New Jersey from offering prop bets on individual college athlete performances. "The bill aims to ban player-specific prop betting in New Jersey, which will help curb that appalling behavior, and make college athletic events safer for all participants," Corrado stated.

Currently, New Jersey allows college prop betting, but prohibits wagers on college games occurring within the state or involving New Jersey teams, regardless of location. The proposed bill seeks to further restrict betting options to protect student-athletes from harassment.

Why this matters: The rapid expansion of legal sports betting across the United States has raised concerns about the impact on college athletics and the well-being of student-athletes. As more states legalize sports betting, policymakers are wrestling with how to balance the potential economic benefits with the need to safeguard the integrity of college sports and protect vulnerable athletes from undue pressure and harassment.

The debate over college player prop bets is part of a broader discussion about the challenges of regulating the growing sports betting industry . While some argue that prop bets add thrill and engagement for fans, others contend that they cross a line by putting individual athletes under intense scrutiny and pressure.

As the sports betting market continues to expand, with more states legalizing wagering and betting volumes increasing, the issue of player protection has come to the forefront. In March 2023, North Carolina reported $659.3 million in total legal sports wagers during the first 20 days of legal sports betting, exceeding expectations. The success of college basketball teams during March Madness likely contributed to the high betting volume in the state.

Senator Corrado's proposed legislation in New Jersey reflects a growing concern among lawmakers and sports organizations about the potential negative impacts of prop betting on college athletes. The bill aims to strike a balance between allowing legal sports wagering while implementing safeguards to protect student-athletes and maintain the integrity of college sports. As more states consider similar measures, the debate over the appropriate level of regulation for the expanding sports betting industry is likely to continue.

Key Takeaways

  • NJ senator introduces bill to ban betting on NCAA player props
  • NCAA president calls for nationwide ban on college player prop betting
  • Bill aims to curb harassment of student-athletes and protect integrity of college sports
  • Several states have already instituted similar bans on college player prop bets
  • Debate over regulating sports betting industry and protecting student-athletes continues