NJSIAA Baseball State Playoffs Set to Begin

NJSIAA baseball state playoffs begin May 22 for Non-Public schools and May 23 for public schools, with state finals on June 6 at Veterans Park. Teams qualify and are seeded based on the NJSIAA power point system, with cutoff date on Saturday.

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NJSIAA Baseball State Playoffs Set to Begin

NJSIAA Baseball State Playoffs Set to Begin

The New Jersey State Interscholastic Athletic Association (NJSIAA) baseball state playoffs are set to commence, with Non-Public schools starting on May 22 and public schools on May 23. The state finals are scheduled for June 6 at Veterans Park in Hamilton, Mercer County.

The cutoff date to qualify for the state playoffs is Saturday. The seeding committee meeting will take place on Monday, May 20. The first round of the state tournament for Non-Public schools is slated for Wednesday, May 22, while public schools will begin their first round on Thursday, May 23.

The NJSIAA baseball power point system will be used for all qualifying and seeding purposes. The power point procedure will use the top 16 highest power-point totals from opening day to the cutoff date, regardless of how many games were played. Residual points earned from opponents will be calculated using the opponent's first 16 games played.

Teams that play less than 16 games will still be eligible for the tournament based on their total power points achieved at the cutoff. Games completed after the cutoff date will not count, even if they were started before the cutoff date.

All state finals are scheduled to be played at Veterans Park in Hamilton, Mercer County. The Non-Public state finals will take place on Thursday, June 6, while the public school finals are set for Saturday, June 6.

The current power point standings can be accessed through the provided links. The N.J. High School Sports newsletter is also available, providing daily updates on boys and girls sports across the state.

As the NJSIAA baseball state playoffs get underway, teams across New Jersey will compete for the chance to be crowned state champions in their respective divisions. With the power point system determining seeding and qualifying, every game leading up to the cutoff date holds significance. The road to Veterans Park begins now.

Key Takeaways

  • NJSIAA baseball state playoffs start May 22 (Non-Public) and May 23 (public).
  • Cutoff date to qualify is May 18, with seeding committee meeting on May 20.
  • Power point system determines seeding and qualifying.
  • State finals are on June 6 at Veterans Park in Hamilton, Mercer County.
  • Games after cutoff date don't count, even if started before.