Pérez Zeledón Sanctioned for Racist Abuse Against Joel Campbell

Costa Rican football club Pérez Zeledón faces heavy sanctions for racist abuse against player Joel Campbell, as Fedefútbol takes strong action to promote inclusivity in the sport.

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Pérez Zeledón Sanctioned for Racist Abuse Against Joel Campbell

Pérez Zeledón Sanctioned for Racist Abuse Against Joel Campbell

The Disciplinary Tribunal of the Costa Rican Football Federation (Fedefútbol) has imposed heavy sanctions on Municipal Pérez Zeledón following racist insults directed at Alajuelense player Joel Campbell during a match on Saturday at the Municipal Stadium in San Isidro de El General. The incident caused the match to be temporarily halted while the perpetrators were removed from the stadium.

Consequently, due to the racist abuse, which was a repeat offense by the club's fans this season, Pérez Zeledón has been fined 2,100,000 colones and ordered to play their next home match against Municipal Grecia behind closed doors, without any spectators present. The club must also display an anti-racism and anti-discrimination message in the televised section of the stands during the closed-door match.

In addition to the sanctions against the club, several individual punishments were handed out by the Disciplinary Tribunal. The physical trainer of Municipal Liberia, Daniel Vallejos Obregón, has been suspended for one match and fined 78,750 colones for throwing the ball onto the field of play. The physical trainer of Club Sport Cartaginés, Michael Leitón Masis, and the coach of AD San Carlos, Luis Antonio Marín Murillo, have each been suspended for one match and fined 78,750 colones for leaving their technical areas in an agitated manner to confront a member of the opposing team's staff.

Municipal Grecia was fined 315,000 colones, while Puntarenas FC received a fine of 210,000 colones for the entry of prohibited objects (smoke bombs) into their stadium.

Why this matters: The strong response from Fedefútbol sends a clear message that racist abuse will not be tolerated in Costa Rican football. The sanctions aim to hold clubs accountable for the behavior of their fans and promote an inclusive environment at matches.

In a press release on Tuesday, Pérez Zeledón apologized to the national football community for the incident and announced they will be installing security cameras in the stands to identify fans responsible for discriminatory acts. The club stated, "Acts of discrimination and racism are completely reprehensible, and we will be taking very strict measures to identify the spectators responsible and ban them from entering our stadium in future matches."

Key Takeaways

  • Fedefútbol imposed heavy sanctions on Pérez Zeledón for racist insults against Joel Campbell.
  • Pérez Zeledón fined $2,100 and ordered to play next home match behind closed doors.
  • Several individuals suspended and fined for misconduct during matches.
  • Grecia and Puntarenas FC fined for prohibited objects (smoke bombs) in stadiums.
  • Pérez Zeledón apologized and will install security cameras to identify discriminatory fans.