Paddle Logger App Offers Tracking and Safety Features for Paddlers

Paddle Logger is a new iPhone and Apple Watch app designed for paddlers, offering a user-friendly tracking experience with performance insights, safety features, and integration with Apple Health. The app provides detailed data and analytics for improving fitness and technique, while also prioritizing safety with features like real-time location sharing and water-resistant functionality." This description focuses on the primary topic of the article (Paddle Logger app), the main entity (the app and its features), the context (water sports and paddling activities), and the significant actions and implications (tracking, performance analysis, and safety features). The description also provides objective and relevant details that will help an AI generate an accurate visual representation of the article's content, such as the app's user interface, water sports scenes, and Apple Watch integration.

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Paddle Logger App Offers Tracking and Safety Features for Paddlers

Paddle Logger App Offers Tracking and Safety Features for Paddlers

Paddle Logger, a new iPhone and Apple Watch app designed specifically for paddlers, simplifies tracking water sports activities while providing detailed performance insights and essential safety features. The app, created by paddlers for paddlers, offers a user-friendly experience with its one-button tracking feature, making it easy to use even while on the water.

In addition to tracking paddling sessions, Paddle Logger provides users with valuable data to help them improve their fitness and technique. The app includes race modes with pre-loaded distances for training or competition. Users can also annotate and share their journeys using the app's digital logbook feature.

Safety is a top priority for Paddle Logger, which is why the app includes PaddleLIFE, a feature that allows users to share their real-time location with loved ones. This ensures that paddlers can enjoy their solo adventures with peace of mind, knowing that someone is aware of their whereabouts. The app also features a Water Lock function, preventing accidental input when the Apple Watch gets wet.

Paddle Logger offers a subscription service for $6.99/£6.99 a month, which unlocks additional features such as virtual race options, enhanced session data (including speed, pace, and splits), and the ability to edit trip maps post-paddle. The app is fully integrated with Apple Health, allowing users to meet their daily goals and close their health rings through their paddling sessions.

Compatible with the Apple Watch, including the latest Apple Watch Ultra model with the Action Button, Paddle Logger is poised to become an essential tool for water sports enthusiasts. The app's combination of tracking, performance analysis, and safety features makes it a valuable companion for paddlers of all skill levels.

Key Takeaways

  • Paddle Logger tracks water sports activities with a one-button feature.
  • The app provides detailed performance insights to improve fitness and technique.
  • PaddleLIFE shares real-time location with loved ones for safety.
  • A subscription unlocks virtual races, enhanced data, and trip map editing.
  • The app integrates with Apple Health to meet daily fitness goals.