Retired UFC Fighter Gray Maynard Slams Dana White's Mental Health Comments

Retired UFC fighter Gray Maynard criticizes UFC CEO Dana White's comments on men's mental health, calling them "used car salesman bulls---". Maynard also credits the Fertitta brothers for the UFC's success, implying White rode their coattails.

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Retired UFC Fighter Gray Maynard Slams Dana White's Mental Health Comments

Retired UFC Fighter Gray Maynard Slams Dana White's Mental Health Comments

Retired UFC lightweight Gray Maynard has lashed out at UFC CEO Dana White over his recent comments on men's mental health. Maynard, who fought twice against Frankie Edgar for the lightweight title, called White's remarks "used car salesman bulls---" and accused him of being driven by his own emotions.

White came under fire after appearing on Bill Maher's podcast, where he expressed skepticism about men's feelings and mental health. Maynard took to Twitter to slam White, writing: "This guy's middle name IS feelings. Anger, compulsive gambling, caught on film hitting his wife, twitter rants, interview rants. His life IS feelings/emotions. I can't believe people buy this shit. Just because u have money doesn't mean u have Emotional intelligence or ur tough guy."

Maynard, who retired from MMA in 2018 after a decade-long career in the UFC, also credited the Fertitta brothers, the UFC's previous owners, for the promotion's success. He argued that they were the driving force behind the company's growth, while White simply rode their coattails.

"Yea man. Whatever you want to call it," Maynard tweeted. "By the way. The Fertittas made the UFC. 100%. Dana did a great job of getting in where he could fit in and riding whatever wave they gave him. Congrats. He's got money and fame. But don't mistake that for intellect and happiness."

Maynard is best known for his trilogy of fights against Frankie Edgar between 2008 and 2011. Their second bout at UFC 125 ended in a split draw, while Edgar won the rubber match at UFC 136 to retain the lightweight title. Maynard also holds notable victories over Kenny Florian, Nate Diaz, and Jim Miller.

White has not yet responded to Maynard's comments. The UFC CEO, who has an estimated net worth of $500 million, has been a controversial figure throughout his tenure, known for his brash personality and frequent public feuds with fighters, media members, and other promoters.

Key Takeaways

  • Gray Maynard slams UFC CEO Dana White's comments on men's mental health as "used car salesman bulls---".
  • Maynard accuses White of being driven by emotions, citing his anger, gambling, and domestic issues.
  • Maynard credits Fertitta brothers for UFC's success, saying White rode their coattails.
  • White has not responded to Maynard's comments, which were made on Twitter.
  • Maynard is a retired UFC lightweight who fought Frankie Edgar for the title twice.