Sachin Tendulkar Visits Yuwa Foundation to Support Young Girl Footballers

Sachin Tendulkar visits Yuwa Foundation in Ranchi, urges parents to encourage girls in sports, praises foundation's work in empowering underprivileged girls through sports and education.

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Sachin Tendulkar Visits Yuwa Foundation to Support Young Girl Footballers

Sachin Tendulkar Visits Yuwa Foundation to Support Young Girl Footballers

On April 21, 2024, Indian cricket legend Sachin Tendulkar and his wife Dr. Anjali Tendulkar visited the Yuwa Foundation in Ranchi, Jharkhand to support and encourage young girls playing football. Tendulkar interacted with the girl footballers and urged parents to support and encourage their daughters to pursue sports, stating that the children will bring smiles to their faces.

The Sachin Tendulkar Foundation collaborates with the Yuwa Foundation to develop girl footballers in the region. Tendulkar praised the Yuwa Foundation for their "sincerity, dedication, and commitment" in helping these young girls, whom he referred to as "uncut diamonds", improve their football skills. "The Yuwa Foundation has been successful in changing the lives of these girls, providing them with direction and channelizing their energy," Tendulkar said.

Tendulkar expressed his happiness at being able to visit the Yuwa Foundation with his wife Anjali, who he said is the "captain of our ship" as far as the foundation is concerned. He emphasized that the Sachin Tendulkar Foundation works in three verticals - education, sports, and health, and that the combination of these can shape the future of the country.

Why this matters: Tendulkar's visit highlights the importance of empowering girls through sports and the role that prominent figures can play in promoting such initiatives. The collaboration between the Sachin Tendulkar Foundation and the Yuwa Foundation showcases the potential for sports to drive positive social change and improve the lives of underprivileged children.

The visit aimed to inspire and motivate the young footballers at the Yuwa Foundation, which works to empower underprivileged girls in the region through sports and education. Tendulkar expressed confidence that the girls will go on to shine brightly and bring joy to their families. He stated his intention to visit the foundation again soon, underscoring his commitment to supporting the Yuwa Foundation's efforts to improve the future of these children.

Key Takeaways

  • Sachin Tendulkar visited Yuwa Foundation in Ranchi to support girl footballers.
  • Tendulkar urged parents to encourage daughters to pursue sports.
  • Tendulkar praised Yuwa Foundation's work in empowering underprivileged girls.
  • Tendulkar's foundation collaborates with Yuwa to develop girl footballers.
  • Tendulkar expressed confidence in the girls' potential to bring joy to families.