San Jose Earthquakes Defeat Oakland Roots Amid Chants Against Owner John Fisher

The San Jose Earthquakes defeated the Oakland Roots 1-0 in a US Open Cup match, but the game was overshadowed by chants against John Fisher, owner of both teams. Fisher's decision to relocate the Oakland Athletics to Las Vegas has sparked widespread disappointment and frustration among Bay Area fans.

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San Jose Earthquakes Defeat Oakland Roots Amid Chants Against Owner John Fisher

San Jose Earthquakes Defeat Oakland Roots Amid Chants Against Owner John Fisher

The San Jose Earthquakes secured a 1-0 victory over the Oakland Roots in a us Open Cup match at PayPal Park on Wednesday night. However, the on-field action was overshadowed by chants from fans directed at John Fisher, the owner of both the Earthquakes and the Oakland Athletics.

Fisher, who was not in attendance at the match, has become an unpopular figure in the Bay Area due to his decision to relocate the A's to Las Vegas. The chants against him began among Oakland supporters but quickly spread throughout the stadium. Fisher'sstewardshipof the Earthquakes has also come under criticism, with the team failing to win a title since 2012 and struggling to make the playoffs in recent years.

The Oakland Roots, a lower-division team, are attempting to stem the sporting exodus from Oakland, which has seen the departure of the Golden State Warriors to San Francisco and the Raiders to Las Vegas in recent years. Jorge Bejarano, the founder and president of the Roots, expressed the sentiment of many Oakland fans, stating, "We cannot wait till Fisher is out of Oakland... We'd much rather rebuild from zero than to have him still be an owner in the Bay Area."

The relocation of the A's has sparked widespread disappointment and frustration among devoted fans in the Bay Area. Generations of families have grown up cheering for the Athletics, creating lifelong memories at the Oakland Coliseum. Fisher's comments about the temporary move to Sacramento from 2025 to 2027 did little to alleviate the emotional toll felt by fans.

Dan Margarit, one of the founders of the San Jose Ultras, expressed sympathy for the Oakland fans, recalling the relocation of the original MLS iteration of the Earthquakes to Houston in 2006. "We support their cause in regards to the team moving... We've been through it with the Quakes, so I hate when they relocate teams like that," Margarit said.

The US Open Cup, the longest-running soccer tournament in the United States, provides a break from the regular season for the Earthquakes, who are currently struggling with a 2-8-1 record in MLS. The tournament allows lower-division teams like the Roots to compete against top-flight teams, offering a unique opportunity for upsets and Cinderella stories.

As the Athletics prepare to embark on a new chapter in Las Vegas, they leave behind a legacy of broken bonds and shattered dreams in Oakland. The team's decision has highlighted the destruction of a deep-rootedconnectionbetween the franchise and the community it once called home. While the Earthquakes may have secured a victory on the field, the chants against John Fisher serve as a stark reminder of the discontent and disappointment felt by fans in the Bay Area.