Claudia Villafañe Reflects on Grandparenting and Memories of Diego Maradona

Claudia Villafañe, Maradona's ex-wife, opens up about her role as a grandmother, the special bond with her grandchildren, and preserving the soccer legend's legacy. A rare glimpse into the personal life of one of the greatest players.

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Claudia Villafañe Reflects on Grandparenting and Memories of Diego Maradona

Claudia Villafañe Reflects on Grandparenting and Memories of Diego Maradona

Claudia Villafañe, the ex-wife of late soccer legend Diego Maradona, recently opened up about her experiences as a grandmother and the memories her grandchildren share of their famous grandfather. Villafañe is the mother of Dalma and Gianinna Maradona, and has three grandchildren: Benjamin Agüero Maradona, Roma Caldarelli Maradona, and Azul Caldarelli Maradona.

In an interview, Villafañe expressed the joy she felt when witnessing the birth of her first grandchild, Benjamin, and the special bond they share . She talked about accompanying him to soccer practices and games, even if it means long travel times. "I have a very special connection with Benja," Villafañe said. "He was the first, and I was there from the moment he was born."

Villafañe also reflected on how her role as a grandmother has evolved over time, with Benjamin now 15 years old. She mentioned the occasional sibling rivalry between her grandchildren over Maradona's belongings, but said she tries to mediate these situations. "They argue sometimes over Diego's things, who gets to keep what," she revealed. "But I try to make sure they all feel loved and connected to their grandfather's memory."

Speaking about Maradona's relationship with his grandchildren, Villafañe noted that he would have been very proud to see Benjamin's progress in soccer. "Diego always had football in his blood, and he passed that on to his children and grandchildren," she said. "He would have been thrilled to watch Benja play and see how talented he is."

Villafañe also shared that her younger grandchildren, Roma and Azul, have fond memories of Maradona despite not knowing him for very long before his passing in 2020. She mentioned that their father made the decision to not publicly showcase them at a young age to protect their privacy.

"Roma and Azul were very young when Diego passed away, but they still remember him with a lot of love," Villafañe said. "Their father wants to give them a normal childhood away from the spotlight, which I completely understand and respect."

Why this matters: The reflections shared by Claudia Villafañe offer a rare glimpse into the personal life and family dynamics of Diego Maradona, one of the greatest soccer players of all time. Her insights highlight the enduring legacy of Maradona and the impact he had on his loved ones, even after his untimely death.

Villafañe's experiences as a grandmother to Maradona's grandchildren showcase the importance of family bonds and the role of grandparents in preserving memories and traditions. Her efforts to ensure that all her grandchildren feel connected to Maradona's legacy, while also respecting their individual needs and privacy, demonstrate the challenges and joys of grandparenting in the public eye.

Key Takeaways

  • Claudia Villafañe, Maradona's ex-wife, opens up about being a grandmother.
  • Villafañe has 3 grandchildren: Benjamin, Roma, and Azul Maradona.
  • Villafañe shares the special bond with her first grandchild, Benjamin.
  • Grandchildren sometimes argue over Maradona's belongings, Villafañe mediates.
  • Villafañe respects the decision to protect Roma and Azul's privacy.