Xavi Hernandez Open to Discussing Barcelona Future Despite Planned Departure

Xavi reconsidering Barcelona exit, seeks guarantees to strengthen squad; meeting with Laporta to determine his future as manager.

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Xavi Hernandez Open to Discussing Barcelona Future Despite Planned Departure

Xavi Hernandez Open to Discussing Barcelona Future Despite Planned Departure

FC Barcelona coach Xavi Hernandez is now open to meeting with club president Joan Laporta to discuss the conditions for continuing as manager, despite previously announcing his departure on June 30, 2024. Xavi had announced in January that he would step aside at the end of the season, but after a 13-game unbeaten streak and reaching the Champions League quarterfinals, he is reconsidering his decision.

Xavi will hold a meeting with Laporta, sporting director Deco, and the management team in the coming weeks to discuss the club's current situation and make a final decision on his continuity. The decision will depend on the consensus reached by the board of directors, with the majority needing to agree that Xavi is the best option to lead the project.

In the meeting, Xavi is expected to propose a single condition to remain at the club - that he be allowed to configure the squad for the upcoming season. This comes after Xavi was left without some of the players he wanted during the previous summer transfer window. Xavi reportedly wants "guarantees to be able to strengthen the squad" if he stays, which is a key demand given Barcelona's financial difficulties.

Laporta and Deco have reportedly opened the doors for Xavi to continue in the role next season, and Deco has not made any moves in the transfer market, waiting for the manager's decision. Laporta is convinced that Xavi is the ideal person to lead the project, and the club will need to make an extraordinary effort in the transfer market, potentially generating between 150-200 million euros, to be able to sign one or two 'star' players.

Barcelona fans have shown strong support for Xavi in recent weeks, chanting his name and expressing their desire for him to continue. However, the club's recent poor results in big matches, including elimination from the Champions League and falling behind in the La Liga title race, have also led Xavi to reconsider his decision to leave.

Why this matters: Xavi's potential continuation as Barcelona manager has significant implications for the club's future direction and success. As a club legend and respected figure, his decision will shape the team's strategy, player recruitment, and on-field performance in the coming seasons.

If an agreement cannot be reached between Xavi and the Barcelona leadership, the club's alternative option is to appoint Rafa Márquez, who has impressed with his work with the Barcelona B team. The upcoming meeting will be critical in determining whether Xavi reverses his decision to leave and commits to leading Barcelona forward, or if the club must seek a new manager to take the reins.

Key Takeaways

  • Xavi reconsidering departure, open to meeting Laporta to discuss conditions to stay
  • Xavi wants control over squad configuration as key condition to remain Barca manager
  • Laporta and Deco open to Xavi continuing, but Barca needs to generate 150-200M for transfers
  • Xavi's decision to stay or leave will significantly impact Barca's future direction and success
  • Rafa Márquez is Barca's alternative option if Xavi and leadership cannot reach an agreement